Write For Us!

So… you think you got it in you to have your writing published on ManaTank? Well, if you’ve somehow managed to get all your dangling participles under control, then we may have a need for someone as astute as yourself.

Here’s the deal:

We are currently looking to accept guest blogs. As long as these guest blogs are video game in nature, we really don’t care a whole lot what they are about! If you feel like ranting about something that’s been getting on your tits lately or just feel the need to share your thoughts on a particular announcement, go for it! You provide the thoughts, we’ll provide the soapbox from which to spew them.

We just ask for a few things in return:

– Avoid any content that is inflammatory in nature

– Refrain as best you can from excessive vulgarities and cussing

– Proofread your stuff before you send it over! (Remember… a writing teacher has the ultimate say about whether or not your stuff gets the green light!)

-If you want any pictures in your article, please include them in their respective places within the text. Otherwise we get to choose what goes where!

There’s no limit to the amount of content you can submit or how often you can submit it, but please note that just because you submit it doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to get published. Additionally, we are not currently accepting reviews of any sort.

How to submit articles for review:

1) Send an email with your attached article to GuestBlogs@ManaTank.com. (Do not paste the text into the content of the email, please.)

2) In the subject box please type the title of your article

3) In the body of the email please provide a brief summary of your article along with your full name AND ManaTank username (without this, your article cannot be published!)