Whats New?

Lots has changed at ManaTank, so here’s what’s new!

MT: The Next Generation

First and foremost, unless you’re visually impaired you’ve probably noticed that ManaTank looks significantly different. We felt it was time to take things to the next step and the best way to do that was to have a total visual overhaul, transforming ManaTank into this brand new version you see before you.


You’ll have no doubt noticed that there’s a brand new ‘Network’ option which has appeared mystically on the site. This is probably by far our most significant upgrade, as this network includes a fully-functional on-site social network with the following features:

  • Achievements – Just like sitting at home when you’re playing games, ManaTank now rewards you for interacting with the site! There’s plenty of different achievements up for grabs ranging from simply commenting on a news story to creating group discussions. Each time you unlock an achievement you’ll get a nifty little badge and some GamerScore, so get hunting! There’s even actually a whole slew of secret achievements to gain, only unlockable through specific actions.
  • User GroupsThe next generation of the ManaTank forums. Now you can create, edit, post forums on and even post messages to unique groups. This essentially means that if you wanted to create a group dedicated to being fans of Half Life, you could do that, no worries. This ‘Half Life’ fan group would then gain it’s own dedicated forum, activity stream and other stuff.
ManaTank User Groups
The User Groups In Action
  • In addition to your own user-groups, ManaTank will also retain our own groups, which are free to be posted on by all of you. There are several achievements up for grabs for interacting with groups, so make sure you do it!
  • Site Wide Activity – With the new social network firmly in place, there’s a whole lot going on. Our activity page pools together everything that’s happening on site, displaying everything from status updates to the latest groups and news that have been created.  Essentially think of this activity area as the ‘hub’ of ManaTank’s new Network, and be sure to visit here regularly to keep tabs on what’s going on on-site.
  • Members – If you wanna check out exactly who’s frequenting ManaTank these days, be sure to check out the full member listing.

Your Network

The ManaTank Network is what you make of it. If you want to simply be involved as an article commenter, that’s fine. But if you want to unlock achievements, post on forums, interact with other members and do a whole lot more, that’s probably a lot better.

A few things need to be explained about how to use your individual Network before you go ahead (or if you’re feeling feisty, you can just go explore).

First thing you’ll probably notice is that you’ve now got notifications, and ‘my account’ in the top right of the screen (if you’re a registered member and logged in, that is). It looks like this:


Similar to the options already explained except this showcases your individual information, instead of everyone’s on site. It’s perfect for seeing if anyone’s @mentioned you, updating your profile and a whole load of other stuff including seeing what achievements you have, your on-site gamerscore, changing your avatar or checking your private messages.

You can even update what kind of notifications you receive and adjust other settings.

Notifications of course work just like how to expect – if someone’s trying to get your attention, you’ll get notified about it. Achievements, when unlocked, are also displayed here.

A New, More Exciting ManaTank

We’ve always been about writing quality articles, having a hilarious podcast and giving you guys a great time on site, but now we’re planning new ways to improve your experience. Here’s a few examples:

More features – We love writing stuff and we’re about to get all unique and dynamic, ensuring that you get fantastic written content that isn’t just news on a more regular basis.

The (eventual) return of the Live Stream – We don’t know exactly when it’s returning, but the ever-popular MT Live Stream’s will be returning with more insanity very soon.

More Video Content – The time is nigh for you to see our unique video content – expect video game commentaries, un-named challenges, and maybe even tips and guides.

New Writers – They’re coming. Like a herd of turtles who love to write stuff.

Video Reviews – If you can’t be bothered to read, rejoice.

We’ll more than likely be adding more additional features in the coming months as well.

We Want Your Guides

Our ‘Trophy and Achievements Guide‘ Category is designed for you,  so please help us and your fellow gamers out by submitting your tips/tricks, guides and whatever else you deem necessary.

There are some pretty sweet achievements available for regular contributors to this forum which will boost your gamerscore a lot more than usual, so post away!

We’ll be posting in here as well of course.

Help Us To Improve

We know there’s still a few hiccups here and there and we’re doing our best to iron them out. Please help us out by reporting any errors using this page.


We’ve implemented all these upgrades to give you the best possible on-site experience we can give you. If you’ve been with us since the start we want to thank you for our continued support, and we can scarcely believe how far we’ve come since we started this.

Keep spreading the ManaTank word, and enjoy the new features!