Xenoblade Chronicles Australian Release Date Announced

Xenoblade Chronicles Australian Release Date Announced

Sorry American Wii owners, but if you’re waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles, Nintendo has got another slap in the face for you. They’ve just announced that the game will now be releasing in Australia, as well as stating the exact release date.

The game will be coming out in the land down under from September 1st, and will retail for the traditional RRP of Australia, which is $99.95. Xenoblade comes from Monolith software and is a brand new, Wii exclusive RPG that plays in a similar way to Final Fantasy XII. It’s easily one of the year’s most anticipated Wii titles, so feel lucky, Australia.

In comparison, American Wii owners will be furious with the announcement. Recently a whole load of American Wii owners unhappy with Nintendo not localizing several games (including Xenoblade) for North American release took part in Project Rainfall, a campaign to show Nintendo that there was massive interest in porting Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to America. However, Nintendo still hasn’t revealed any plans to bring the games stateside – American Wii owners are instead banking entirely on Zelda being the biggest title out for the Wii this year, and unless Nintendo changes their mind anytime soon, its probably going to stay that way.

European release dates have also been announced for Xenoblade – it’ll come out August 19th.

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