Job Posting at Remedy Hints at Alan Wake 2

Job Posting at Remedy Hints at Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment’s recent job postings on their website are calling for programmers for their next “AAA title” which might just be the sequel to the unique Xbox 360 thriller Alan Wake.

Remedy Entertainment, known for its Max Payne franchise, is advertising some vacancies for a Games Programmer and a 3D Graphics Programmer to work on their next AAA title. One of the postings specifically references Alan Wake stating ” You will be working on the next iteration of Remedy’s unique world-class rendering engine that was previously used in Alan Wake.”

Obviously this is no guarantee, but Remedy has said in the past that there will be more Alan Wake to come. Although it still remains unclear if the next Wake will be in the form of DLC or a full on sequel.

Publisher of the first Alan Wake game, Microsoft, has said no future projects have been signed with Remedy. If Remedy’s next AAA title is in fact the Alan Wake sequel, than it will probably move forward without Microsoft. This most likely means their next game will be multi-platform.

The job description for Games Programmer suggests some implementation of iOS and Android platforms as well. This could foreshadow a mobile version of Wake, or be completely unrelated, but it seems to support the multi-platform theory.

At this point it is pure speculation, but it’s hard not to anticipate the next big title from the Finnish developers. Even if it isn’t the Alan Wake sequel fans are eagerly awaiting, a new IP from the studio obviously isn’t a bad thing.

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