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Eric Pederson – Editor-in-Chief

He’s the desert-dwelling denizen of ManaTank. A big fan of gaming since he was but a miniature person, Eric has grown into a gaming obsessive and currently spends his evenings sat in his underpants, plowing through his backlog of vintage RPGs.

Tickle his fancy at: Eric.Pederson@ManaTank.com







Matt Eades – Chief Media Editor

The first of Manatank’s resident media gurus, Matt lends his oh-so-smooth voice to our videos, podcasts and live streams. In moments of madness, he’s sometimes been known to write stuff as well!

Float his boat at: Matt.Eades@ManaTank.com









Jess Clarkson

The first and only female resident of ManaTank, Jess hails from the maple syrup and hockey filled land of Eastern Canada. When she isn’t off on BFF coffee dates with Elias Toufexis and Michelle Boback, Jess finds herself stuffed comfortably behind her keyboard imparting upon us a view of the gaming world as seen through the eyes of a girl.




Media Team:



Oliver Aguilar – Media Contributor / Podcast Member

More affectionately known as ‘Swagger Aguilar’, Swag brings a special something to the podcast in the form of a torrid love affair with anything Metal Gear related as Swag is entirely incapable of letting even one week pass without mentioning Metal Gear at least once during the podcast. It’s a fact that his PlayStation is entirely unaware that other games do in fact exist. As it stands, his poor PlayStation has no idea that other games even exist. He has a problem.

Codec him at Podcast@ManaTank.com


Kevin Beier – Media Contributor / Podcast Member

Kev, or Dinner Dangles, rather, needs no introduction as this charming fellow has already graced the world with his shirtless presence to hundreds of live fans. When he’s not rigorously training for the Nerd Olympics, Kev lends an ever helping hand to the site’s media and podcast efforts.

Request some lovin from the Dangles at Podcast@ManaTank.com

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