WarZ Gameplay Footage

WarZ Gameplay Footage

With the brokenness of DayZ behind me, I’ve been eagerly awaiting any tidbit of news concerning the upcoming MMO WarZ. Consider my lust for brains sated; this gameplay video gave me all the information I need to firmly place myself in camp WarZ.

After gritting my teeth and playing a fair amount of DayZ, despite it’s many, many, many flaws, I’ve been waiting eagerly for some new iteration on the zombie-sandbox-survival formula. Enter WarZ, the almost carbon-copy of DayZ. On paper, WarZ sounds like a great idea but, then again, so does DayZ. Fighting zombies in a huge environment with naught but your wits and any tools you can scrape together is enormously appealing providing it works well. Despite hundreds of thousands of players singing the praises of DayZ, that game does not work well. If this video is anything to go by, however, WarZ just might work well enough to be a hit.

Weapons that actually fire? Zombies that don’t teleport at you making them unkillable? Players not randomly teleporting into the sky and falling to their deaths? Well I’ll be damned, this almost looks like a game.

The fundamentals all look to be there. In fact, it looks like an exact clone of DayZ except for it looks great and doesn’t look nearly as janky. If this is representative at all of the finish product (which, keep in mind, it may not be) WarZ could be a huge success. And if your one of those “DayZ purists” who thinks the original mod/pile of hot garbage is the be all end all of this genre, this video might even be enough to make you temporarily get down off your high horse, except you probably can’t figure out the nineteen menus you have to navigate through to the “get off horse” option.

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