Pretty in Geek Chic Cosmetics

Pretty in Geek Chic Cosmetics

And now it’s time for something completely different. What does the Companion Cube, Link, Mario, Tyrion Lannister, and Rainbow Dash all have in common? They are all muses for Geek Chic Cosmetics. A make-up review on a gaming site? Hell yes.

I discovered Geek Chic Cosmetics in March of this year, and I have been hooked ever since. To give a bit of a back-story, my body and I have a delicate relationship. I have a wheat-intolerance and avoid gluten as best as I can… well, except beer. I also have sensitive skin, so I was looking for a makeup line that could accommodate my picky skin. Enter Geek Chic Cosmetics. They have an incredible line of makeup that is gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, talc-free, filler-free, non-organic preservative free, free of bismuth oxychloride (are you sensing a pattern here?), and most products are vegan.  There are four amazingly devoted employees who share a love of gaming and other things geeky.

Geek Chic Cosmetics carries geek-inspired eyeshadow, lipstick, balm, and gloss, foundation and blush, as well as glitter and solid scents. To date, I have fallen in love with their eye shadow, foundation, lip gloss, and solid scents.



My Geek Chic Cosmetic eyeshadow line-up includes:

– ‘Inevitable Betrayal’ – A gorgeous green inspired by Firefly
– ‘Chewie’ – A golden-bronze shade that is worthy of a Wookie
– ‘Kingslayer’ – A very light off-white shade inspired by the one-and-only Jamie Lannister
– ‘Viking King’ – My very favourite shade, a intensely dynamic gold that screams Eric Northman
– ‘Sexy in Suspenders’ – A very light purple shadow that is as playful as Captain Jack Harkness
– ‘Mana Battery’ – A very shimmery white that goes great with any healing spell

The shadows that I own are a small, small collection of those available from the website. There are currently 107 colours for you to choose from. That’s a lot of damn colours.


– An abundant number of shades to choose from
– Colours are multi-dimensional, having many different shades in each shadow
– Colour lasts for hours (all day if using a primer)
– Colour can be used wet as an eyeliner
– Colour can be blended with Vaseline to make a fun lip colour
– Can be blended on cheeks to add some shimmer
– Colour can be layered to create a more intense shade
– Cost


– Most shadows are shimmery, it would be nice to see some more matte colors
– Application can be a bit messy – make sure that you have appropriate brushes (mineral powder brushes work best)
– Shipping – Will discuss later



Geek Chic Cosmetics has an outstanding foundation line-up that promises pH balanced, long-lasting coverage. They feature 6 colours that are inspired by outstanding geeky women. I found myself between colours, and the incredible peeps at GCC allowed me to mix colours for a custom shade! How awesome are they?


– Coverage starts sheer but can be built upon for full-coverage
– Stays for hours (all day with primer)
– Goes on smooth
– Feels great on skin
– Doesn’t dry out skin but keeps a matte finish
– Can be used as a great base for eyeshadow
- Doesn’t irritate skin
– Cost


– Not a huge color selection, however they will work with you
– Powder is very light which can be a bit messy in application – make sure you are using the correct brush (kabuki brush works well)
– Shipping


Portal Eyeshadow

Everyone needs Portal themed eyeshadow!

Lip Gloss

Geek Chic Cosmetics has incredible Geek Gloss that is a great addition your makeup collection. The super-rich moisturizing gloss has Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oil that provides beautiful colour and antioxidant goodness. They have recently changed their packaging to reduce costs and provide a cleaner application. I have the versatile ‘Momo’, which I use almost daily by itself or in combination with lipstick.


– Can be used solo, or as a top coat to warm lipstick
– Super moisturizing with antioxidant rich ingredients
– Non-irritating
– Great color selection
- Doesn’t bleed
– Lasts for hours
– Cost


– A little on the tacky side, but doesn’t stick to your hair
- Flavor – doesn’t taste/smell like Papaya (Momo)
– Shipping


Solid Scents

I hate to break it to you, but us girls don’t naturally smell like sunshine and rainbows. That’s where GCC steps in. With a wide selection of fragrances to choose from, you can hone your inner villain, princess or even dwarf. I chose to go the princess route with ‘Wuv, Twue Wuv’, which is a refreshing summery, floral and citrus fragrance that makes you feel like a Princess Bride. GCC has recently added some masculine scents featuring Supersoldier; combining leather, sweet tobacco, and smoke to bring live to ManaTank favourite, Snake.


– Incredible scents, last for hours
– Easy to apply
– Small and convenient to travel with
– Won’t irritate skin
– Cost


– Will melt in the heat
– Solid stick limits application (could be personal preference)
– Shipping


As you can tell, I do not like serious photos. I snapped some shots after doing my regular makeup for two days. In all the pictures, I am wearing a mixture of ‘Kahlan’ and ‘Lana’ foundation, which provides me with a great match for my skin tone. I am also wearing my own bronzer, blush, and mascara as I have yet to try GCC’s bronzer and blush. In the left column I am wearing ‘Inevitable Betrayal’, ‘Viking King’, and ‘Kingslayer’ on my eyes as well as ‘Chewie’ (wet) as eyeliner. I am also wearing ‘Momo’ on top of my own cherry-coloured lipstick. In the right column I am wearing ‘Sexy in Suspenders’ overtop of black eyeliner to line my eyes, and then ‘Sexy in Suspenders’ as well as ‘Kingslayer’ on my lids. The lighting in my house is a little weird so you will want to check their website for more pictures of available colours.

Overall, I love GCC so I have tried to provide a review that is fair to their products. I find that each product does have their limitations, but their strengths outweigh them in my opinion. They provide an incredible product at a very reasonable cost which is handmade with love (I added that part, but I like to think it’s true!). The only major downfall I have with the company is their shipping methods. Because the company is based in the US, shipping to Canada can take weeks. It would be great to see more shipping options available for International shipping for an additional fee. I would also love to see some more matte eyeshadow options, especially more neutral colours that would be great for the workplace.

Geek Chic Cosmetics has been kind enough to offer ManaTank readers a discount on their products. Treat yourself or a loved one by using the code Manatank to receive free shipping on your minimum purchase of $15 (US only). Act quick because this offer ends September 12th, 2012! Make sure you enter the code during checkout to receive your savings! Check out their make-up here, and let me know what your favourites are!

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