Contest Time! “Mount Me ManaTank!”

Contest Time! “Mount Me ManaTank!”

It’s that time again! We’ve got something pretty awesome and who better to give it to than you?

In case you missed my post last week regarding us having something worth a lot of money and wanting to give it away, well… let me put it this way, we have something worth a lot of money and want to give it to you!


Our friends over at OmniMount have provided us with the coolest TV mount this side of nailing it to the wall and now’s your chance to nab it… on one condition: You MUST live in the continental United States.

OmniMount Play 40

So if you manage to meet our one basic requirement and think you are ready to have the ManaTank mount you, here’s how it works:

Since a large portion of our audience is unable to partake in the contest we don’t want them to feel left out. As such, we are going to make you sacrifice a bit of your dignity for this one.

We want you to take a picture of yourself with your appallingly lame TV setup holding a sign that reads “Mount Me ManaTank!” The person with the sorriest, most pathetically embarrassing picture wins the mount. It’s that simple.

Where do you post the pictures? Great question! Once you have sacrificed what little dignity you have left email your photo to ME (

So in a nutshell:

#1 Live in the continental United States

#2 Have a really lame and embarassing flatscreen TV setup.

#3 Take the sorriest, more pathetically embarrassing photo of you amidst your setup holing a sign that says “Mount Me ManaTank!”

#4 Email that photo to (DON’T FORGET to include your ManaTank UserName as well as your shipping information. Don’t have a ManaTank username? THEY’RE FREE! Get one here.)

#5 Laugh at everyone else’s photos and hope you win.

A winner will be selected during the week of August 27th-31st.


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