Diablo 3 Adds 100 Levels of Paragon

Diablo 3 Adds 100 Levels of Paragon

After playing, enjoying, and finally being finished with Diablo 3, Blizzard has decided to turn the end-game on its head and add another 100 levels of character progression. Not sure if want…

Let’s rewind the clock a bit to May. I remember being more excited for Diablo 3 than any other game in living memory. I mean come on, this was Diablo! The series that I had sunk hundreds if not thousands of hours into. I was literally losing sleep over the release of this game. And a mere 60 hours later, I was finished with it.

Diablo 3 fell short, for me anyways, at the end-game level. There was such a huge difficulty jump between Hell and Inferno to make it basically impossible and it prevented me from falling into the viscous gear cycle that I both love and hate. Magic find was basically useless, as it would average a parties total magic find and assign that value to each player. The gear grind that made Diablo 2 so enjoyable was basically non-existent.

It does my heart good to hear that Blizzard is addressing at least some of the reasons I quit playing Diablo 3. Along with extensive class changes, system reworks and legendary upgrades, 1.0.4 is going to introduce the Paragon system.

In essence, the Paragon system is a second progression system for players who have already hit 60. Characters will continue to gain experience that will funnel into their Paragon levels. Every time you ding a Paragon level your character will gain increased core stats (exactly the same as regular levels) and a +3% buff to magic and gold find. Magic and gold find is also now capped at %300.

So what does this all mean for the average player? Firstly, and possibly most importantly, it will give most of us a reason to keep playing. New levels of progression to reach are compelling to say the least. It also means that players will no longer need to stack magic and gold find, as at max Paragon level a character will be at the 300% cap.

These are a load of great features and, as someone who has already given up on Diablo 3, they have definitely piqued my interest but I can’t help feeling this might be too little, too late. Had the game launched with all these features, I’d probably still be playing. PvP’s exclusion from the game and now these durastic changes makes everything feel a bit… rushed. I would have much rather waited another two months and had all this in the game to start with, but then again I’m not a big time business executive and decisions like that are a bit above my pay-grade.

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