Xbox ‘Durango’ Development Kit Pictures Appear Online

Xbox ‘Durango’ Development Kit Pictures Appear Online

The future will be in a little black box.
Sometimes I think if we don’t hear about the next generation of Microsoft/Sony consoles soon, we may be liable to explode. Recent months have seen people scrounging over the smallest bits of info in their quests to learn more about the next generation of videogame consoles before we’re meant to.

I’m not about to break that trend.

The most recent ‘leak’ comes straight from a developers forum known as Assembler Games, where a mysterious user claiming to have an Xbox ‘Durango’ dev kit was wanting $10,000 from someone who wanted to get their mitts on it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Durango, it’s basically the apparent codename for the next generation of Microsoft’s system. Many game manufacturers often slap codes on their projects to stop us internet sleuths from deducing anything about them ahead of time. A recent example would be Nintendo’s Project Café, which would eventually be revealed to be the Wii U.

In the case of this particular Durango dev kit, after looking at the images you’d probably be pretty damn sceptical. All they seem to show is a basic interface with instances of Matrix-esque code, and a large anonymous looking tower that apparently houses the next generation Xbox’s hardware.

Judge for yourself:

Xbox 720

Xbox Durango

Honestly, you’d probably be hard pressed to think these were real. But stop! There’s another intriguing layer to this story yet.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has apparently talked directly with several AAA gaming production studios who have confirmed that the leaked pictures are in fact real, and showcase the apparent Xbox 720 in all it’s glory. Which appears to be a crappy black box at the moment.

Of course the early development kits of the console will look absolutely nothing like the final product. You can expect the Xbox 720, Durango, Infinity or Xbox Sandwich Toaster to look a hell of a lot better whenever Microsoft is finally ready to unveil it.

So what do we think? Do we call shenanigans and dismiss this as complete nonsense or believe that this may well be our first look at the future of gaming? Inside a dingy, slightly boring living room with lovely pine doors? Not quite E3, is it?

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