‘ShagAGamer’ Launched In The UK

‘ShagAGamer’ Launched In The UK

Yep…I’m not making this up.
If you’ve ever heard Austin Powers scream out ‘Shall we shag now, or shag later?’ I’m sure you know the meaning of the word. If you don’t, ‘shag’ is Britain-speak for the act of physical love.

With the sexual education lessons out of the way, I can now tell you that a new dating site dedicated purely to the pursuit of engaging in lewd antics with gamers has now been officially launched.

Really. I’m not making this up.

The site says:

“Welcome to Shag a Gamer. The biggest adult dating site on the net that lets gamers and geeks meet up for no-strings attached sex. We play host to thousands of single gamers who want nothing more than a quick shag. If you’re feeling lonely or you want a like minded companion tonight – this is your site.”

The website is a spin-off from a dating website known as DateAGamer.

Tom Thurlow, head of DateAGamer said:

“Over the past few months we noticed that instead of looking for love, many of the members were using the site purely to meet up for sex – it’s not something we were expecting, but obviously gamers get urges too.

“It got us thinking that, perhaps by providing a platform where geeks and gamers over the age of 18 could arrange to meet up and get it on, we could help people who may feel uneasy in social situations, find someone and get some action.

“People were using the Date a Gamer site to meet up for sex anyway, but this way they have a space where they can do this more openly in an arena they are comfortable in, in other words, online.”

He added: “We realise this concept will raise more than a few eyebrows. But we’re all adults and by using this platform all members know what they are there for and the activity is far more transparent. We’re hoping it may even become self-regulating because of this.”

So whether you’re looking for a moustachioed plumber happy to go down (on) your pipe or want to raid someone’s tomb, the gap between horny, gamers and sexual antics has finally been filled.

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