Nuketown 2025 Black Ops 2 Pre-Order Bonus Announced

Nuketown 2025 Black Ops 2 Pre-Order Bonus Announced

Exclusive map coming for those who pre-order Black Ops 2.

It may well be my favourite map from Black Ops. There’s nothing quite like immediately spawning, lobbing a grenade over a house, getting a sneaky kill before entering a house, stabbing the nearest gentlemen in the buttocks with your melee attack before promptly fitting claymores to the doorways of the house and mowing down any fools who happen to wander in.

It’s a scenario that’s probably familiar to anyone who played the original Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Nuketown map, and it’s one I still take great joy in going back to occasionally to this day.

If you’re like me and loved a bit of Nuketown, Activision’s got a brand new incentive for you to pre-order Black Ops 2. That’s right – Nuketown is making a return this year as the re-imagined ‘Nuketown 2025’ and will be an exclusive download available for those who pre-order the game from a wide array of retailers worldwide.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the game and think you’ll be missing out, don’t worry. Activision has confirmed that those who’ve already pre-ordered Black Ops 2 will still receive Nuketown 2025 when the game ships this November.

“Multiplayer fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops LOVE Nuketown,” said Mark Lamia, Studio Head of Treyarch. “Flat out, Nuketown was a blast to play before, and we’re excited about the reimagined Nuketown 2025 in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  We can’t wait to play with everyone come this November.”

It’s probably the first solid information we’ve actually got about Black Ops 2’s multiplayer, which hasn’t really been in the media that much. It’s really playing second fiddle to the campaign for once, and I know countless numbers of you are positively elbowing your immediate family members and pets out of the way in your quest for information about it.

That’s all I got though. A free map pack if you pre-order it. You’re typing in Amazon already, aren’t you?

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