Final Fantasy Versus ‘Fading Away’

Final Fantasy Versus ‘Fading Away’

The fantasy really is final for Final Fantasy Versus.
According to recent reports, Final Fantasy Versus – perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated Final Fantasy titles in recent memory – has been left to gradually fade away and be forgotten about.

Reports state that Square Enix has ceased all production on Final Fantasy Versus and is resourcing the content for Final Fantasy XV.

The reports also state that Square Enix has decided not to formally announce the discontinuation of Versus for fears of their stock dropping in the aftermath, choosing instead to hope that everyone’ll just forget about it. Which we won’t; Versus has been in development for over six years and is one of those games everyone’s been talking about for years, expecting it to be shown at trade events.

When it wasn’t shown at this year’s E3, it’s absence was noted by many.

I was one of them. I’ve seen the early builds of Final Fantasy Versus and I have to say I was excited. Originally billed as taking place in the XIII universe, it looked like a much darker, more adult Final Fantasy than XIII was. The game was then later announced to be a standalone title and not set in the XIII universe, so it’s certainly had a long and storied development cycle!

The belief that the game is now officially cancelled comes from a number of un-cited ‘sources’ that told Kotaku that the game had been internally canned at Square Enix, and that staff were said to be very dissapointed with the move after the lengthy development cycle.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel though – some sources are also reporting that Final Fantasy Versus has been revamped and integrated into the build of Final Fantasy XV, a title we haven’t even heard anything about yet.

If so – it’s more than likely that the next Final Fantasy that’s a true numbered game (not a numbered sequel) will appear on the next generation of home consoles and running on Square Enix’s incredibly sexy new engine.

In the meantime, Square Enix has also teased that they’ve got something to announce about the Final Fantasy XIII universe sometime in September, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy.

It’s believed by many that the announcement will be about Final Fantasy XIII-3, making the first Final Fantasy trilogy in history. Final Fantasy XIII-2 did end on a major cliffhanger and promise ‘to be continued’, but it’s unknown whether the continuation will be via a new DLC pack or will in fact be a numbered sequel.

Not sure how I feel about that one – XIII-2 was certainly decent, but I’d much rather have a FFVII remake to celebrate 25 years of wonderful Final Fantasy goodness.

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