Xbox ‘Surface’ Specs Leaked

Xbox ‘Surface’ Specs Leaked

A brand new gaming tablet called Xbox Surface has seemingly been leaked.

Not a brilliant week for Microsoft really. First an internal document apparently showcasing the future of the Xbox brand and talking about the Xbox 720 was revealed, and now another technical specification sheet has been leaked showcasing something known as ‘Xbox Surface’.

The document says that Xbox Surface is a ‘Tablet Computing Device’ with a 7.0 inch multi-touch LED screen with a max resolution of 1280 x720, with Wifi, Bluetooth and support for up to four wireless gaming controllers.

It doesn’t seem all too unlikely either. After showing off their Smart Glass technology at E3 this year, it makes sense for Microsoft to debut a brand new tablet that can be used with the Xbox 360.  It’s also going to rub Nintendo up the wrong way, as their biggest selling point of their Wii U console is of course their dual-screen technology thanks to the Wii U gamepad.

Xbox Surface and Smart Glass

As shown during E3, using Microsoft’s Smart Glass technology allows the use of a tablet device (or mobile phone) to interact with the world of a game in new ways.  If the Xbox Surface is indeed a real piece of technology, I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that this tablet will be designed to usher in the first era of Smart Glass compatible gaming.

Again, it doesn’t seem all too unlikely because Microsoft’s current stance with the Xbox 360 is to turn it into more than a games console, both through Kinect, their reliance on apps that aren’t related to gaming and now their Smart Glass and Xbox Surface tablet device. They’re essentially trying to turn the 360 into an entertainment hub in the living room, and I have to say I’m excited to see what Xbox Surface might bring to the table.

As a sidenote – Microsoft does have a conference later today in Los Angeles, which will take place at 3.30PM LA time (11.30PM BST). Of course this conference may not be linked in any way to Xbox Surface, but you can guarantee that the collective gaming world will be tuning in just to see.

I must stress that although the document does look legit, there’s every chance it couldn’t be. As usual, take rumours with a speculative approach until Microsoft comes out and official says ‘Ok yeah, it’s real. You got us.’

You also have to wonder if these convenient leaks are just some mysterious marketing ploy. Is that too conspiracy-like?

If you wish to check out the full specification sheet of Xbox Surface, take a look below.

Xbox Surface

I’m intrigued, what do you guys think about Xbox Surface? Would you like to see it….surface (sorry, had to), or would you like a tablet device to not interfere with your precious Xbox 360?

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