SteelSeries Unveils Fall Product Lineup

SteelSeries Unveils Fall Product Lineup

Choosing the perfect mouse has just gotten a bit more difficult.

If you consider yourself to be one who can simply derive no pleasure from your everyday, run-of-the-mill mouse then chances are you’ve already gotten your hands on at least one product from SteelSeries. One of the most recognizable names in professional gaming mice and headsets, SteelSeries is continuing to remain on the cutting edge of high performance gaming and we sat down with them at last week’s E3 in Los Angeles to get a sneak peek at this fall’s product lineup.

Chief Marketing Officer and SteelSeries front man Kim Rom took us through five products lined up for release later this fall.

World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse

World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse

Perhaps the most obvious product lacking from the SteelSeries family is a wireless mouse. For many that may seem like a massive oversight, but Steel Series hasn’t made that leap quite yet. That isn’t because the merits of wireless mice have been unproven or are too expensive, but SteelSeries’ focus on competitive gaming products and the lack of desire for such products in that particular field have left wireless mice out of the picture until now.

In competitive gaming precision and reliability are paramount, because, as Kim put it, “Competitive gaming is like a sprint, where as WoW is like a marathon.” Unfortunately, wireless mice cannot promise 100% reliability due to the nature of batteries that will eventually run out at a moment’s notice. The upcoming SteelSeries World of Warcraft mouse throws the notion of sprint gaming out the window and focuses on the long haul, allowing SteelSeries to delve into the magical world of wireless mice for the first time ever.

The WoW mouse sits atop a hand craft docking cradle that both charges the mouse and makes for a neat addition to any WoW fans desk with a circle of glowing runes emanating a light blue aura. The mouse only requires a single hour to fully charge the built-in lithium ion battery and can then run for up to 70 hours before needing to be recharged.

For those who tend to forget the rules of recharging, the mouse can also double as a wired mouse with its built in charge and play capabilities. That means if you find yourself with a dead mouse mid dungeon, you can just unplug the docking cradle, plug your mouse in, and be on your merry way.

The ergonomic, comfortable design has a very natural feel while providing easy access all 11 of the programmable buttons. The entire mouse will interface directly with WoW so setup is as easy as plugging in the mouse and making your way to the in-game settings. The WoW mouse will launch at the end of August for $129.

Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse

Guild Wars 2 Mouse

SteelSeries is kicking off a new partnership with the people behind Guild Wars and is bringing you a wide array of stunning Guild Wars 2 products to further customize your gaming experience.

Unlike the WoW mouse, the Guild Wars 2 mouse is a much simpler device for a much simpler game. That doesn’t mean, however, that this mouse is any less effective at achieving what it sets out to do. 8 programmable buttons provide a wide range of customization, especially for the multiple user profiles that the mouse can store and quickly switch between. The plug and play technology negates the need to install any drivers and trudge through screen after screen of setup and customization.

The Steel Series Engine allows for exceptionally long macros to be recorded to the Guild Wars 2 gaming mouse. Layering of keystrokes and mouse clicks is available with the most precise timing imaginable. Although many may not use this feature, SteelSeries has simply laid the foundation for endless possibilities.

The Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse will be available on launch of Guild Wars 2 later this year.

Guild Wars 2 Gaming Headset

Guild Wars 2 Headset

In conjunction with the Guild Wars 2 gaming mouse, Steel Series is rolling out a line of lightweight, super flexible, fully customizable headsets that can be styled to fit your every gaming mood.

The plates on the outside of each earphone are interchangeable along with the foam padding on each as well. SteelSeries does have plans to release further plates and earphone covers to further expand your level of customization.

These mid-range headphones may not have the all-out noise cancelling ability as larger headsets, but the cushions are made from a combination of foam and leather for an even balance between breathability and acoustics. They weren’t the most comfortable headphones I ever placed on my ears, but then again, I have huge ears and a giant bar crammed through one of them, so I may not be the ideal test candidate.

Although I can’t consciously condone walking around in public wearing massive headphones, this particular set is fully equipped to be taken on the road. Both sides easily fold down so the whole set can lay relatively flat on your chest or the entire thing can be twisted up and stuffed comfortably into a pouch or bag.

The Guild Wars 2 gaming headset will launch with Guild Wars 2 and run $99.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive Mouse

Kim found his obsession with creating the perfect gaming mice only after paying a long series of dues as a competitive Counter Strike player and that perhaps is the largest contributing factor to the perfection behind this next mouse.

The SteelSeries Kana Counter Strike Global Offensive Edition mouse features 6 buttons and the easy to use SteelSeries engine which allows you to customize everything from CPI settings and LED intensity per CPI to polling rate and button preferences. The over-sized buttons ensure that you every move is locked in without fear of having to find that sweet spot over and over again.

Couple this mouse with the Siberia Full-Sized Headset and you’re well on your way to gaming perfection.

DOTA 2 Valve Mouse

DOTA 2 Mouse

This mouse isn’t out to offer up anything revolutionary or groundbreaking by any means, but what it lacks in those departments it certainly makes up for in comfort and style. The sleek, ambidextrous shape of the mouse allows access to the side mounted buttons regardless of which hand you’re using while the oddly comfortable skin prevents slipping and enhances grip.

The DOTA 2 Valve mouse will be available later this year for $59.

Steel Series Sensei Pro Grade Laser Mouse

Sensei Mouse MLG

This mouse is perhaps the coolest mouse I have ever seen. Although it is essentially a reskinned MLG mouse, this snappy piece of tech features a fully customizable on-board profile system which can store up to five different users personal data. Using the built-in development tool, absolutely everything can be adjusted using the tiny screen on the bottom of the mouse by simply using the scroll wheel. This allows users to quickly and easily customize to their hearts content without the need for installing any drivers, which is crucial in the competitive gaming world.

This mouse features an on-board processor that allows for double sensitivity with additional acceleration is unnecessary. And if you fancy yourself a bit of color, this mouse is capable of displaying a modesnt 168 million different colors, so you are bound to find something that suits you well enough.

This mouse and all of its wonders will be available later this year for $89.

More information for each of these products can be found at the SteelSeries website.

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