Sony Press Conference Pre-Show E3 2012

Sony Press Conference Pre-Show E3 2012

Yea, that’s Hideo Kojima in the background. No big deal.

At one point it seemed like there was no hope for us to get into the Sony Press Conference, but thanks to the great people over at the Official PlayStation Blog, 200 lucky fans got to join the excitement as long as they were willing to stand in line and risk the odds. Deciding we didn’t want to be  left out, Ben, Aron, Craig, and I arrived at 11am and spent a grueling 6 hours in the sun hoping against hope itself that we were among the first 200 people to show up for the conference.

After surviving the cut we made our way into what can only be described as the best nerd party in the world. Free beer, free food, live music, and some of the biggest names in video games were out mingling with fans. We spotted the infamous Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, sitting at a table and fought the urge to go bother him. That didn’t stop us from shooting a video with him directly behind us.

5 beers and a mountain of food later we made our way over to the front row of the audience for the official PlayStation Blog live stream where we proceeded to conduct ourselves in a manner only befitting that of children. Our high fives, stupid faces, and ear licking earned us an extra small Sly Cooper T-Shirt for Ben Schrader – arguably the most muscular man among us – and a round of free 3 day E3 passes for the entire live audience… which we didn’t need, but found a use for anyway. (Just ask Aron about his quest for Oswald ears.)

Our post conference reactions coming soon…

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