Rumor: Xbox 720 Details All But Confirmed, Include $299 Price Point

Rumor: Xbox 720 Details All But Confirmed, Include $299 Price Point

The whole of Microsoft is leaking like a sieve lately, so why don’t we just go ahead and call all of this Xbox 720 stuff unofficially “official”.

Whether or not it was intentional, a very important document was leaked from Microsoft recently that could reveal some major details about the Xbox 360’s successor. As you can imagine, the document has long since been removed, but not before the prying eyes of the internet pulled out all the good stuff.

It seems like Microsoft has decided to go with the name Xbox 720 for their next console (and to think, it all started as a joke!) and it will reportedly launch sometime during 2013. If we were the betting type (and we are!) we’d put our money on somewhere around the holiday season. What may come as the largest shock is the supposed $299 price tag. At the price, the Xbox 720 will feature a Blu-Ray drive and launch with the second version of Microsoft’s Kinect, which will apparently work much better in small spaces and allow four players to play simultaneously. Additionally, Microsoft’s next console is said to focus quite heavily on integrating with tablets, which makes sense since Smart Glass was quite a large part of E3 this year.

Rumor: Xbox 720 Details

Perhaps the largest, not to mention most innovative, inclusion with the Xbox 720 is that of a new peripheral dubbed ‘Fortaleza’ (which could very well be the project code name, similar to Natal, as it also is a state capital in Brazil) that could change the way gamers interface with their games. Fortelza will not be ready for the launch of the system, but upon release will function in a fashion similar to Google’s ‘Project Glass’. Players will be given a pair of glasses to to wear that will then display a real-world looking HUD, effectively removing all unnecessary clutter from the screen. Health, ammo, maps, waypoints, subtitles, and countless other possibilities make the potential for this peripheral next to limitless. However, think about the major gripe from 3D TV owners, me being one of them… the glasses.

All of this is outlined in the document alongside Microsoft’s plans for a Sony-esque 10 year life cycle for the system as well as a heavy focus on cloud interaction, allowing you to stream your media library anywhere. (Not sure if that includes downloaded games or not, though.)

This document, created over a year ago, has been the source of quite a few leaks lately, but none have been as specific as this, which lends quite a bit of credibility to the information within. However, never underestimate the ability of someone to create an insanely elaborate hoax.

Although, if this all turns out to be true and Microsoft is launching their next system at $299, that could mean good things for the future of consoles. On the other hand, new technology generally carries with it a higher price tag, so could we possibly be looking at only a menial step forward in the console race? Just to play devil’s advocate a bit, think back to the launch of the Nintendo Wii. Launching at $249.99, the Wii essential amounted to nothing more than the GameCube 1.5 with a bunch of fancy new controls.

Whatever the case may be, it all comes down to the gamers and what they feel is worthy of their hard earned cash. So what do you think? If these are truly the major details surrounding the launch of the Xbox 720, do you think there is enough being offered to warrant your $299?


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