Pokemon Black and White 2 Release Date Revealed

Pokemon Black and White 2 Release Date Revealed

Coming to a Pokemon Centre near you this October.

Pencil it in your diaries everyone – Pokemon Black and White 2 will both ship simultaneously on Sunday, October 7th in the US, with the European version being released a few days later on Friday, October 12th.

Pokemon Black and White 2 is the first official sequel in the franchise’s entire history. Usually by this point we’d be treated to Pokemon Grey instead of a full fledged sequel (which would be Black/White with a few added sections), but this year Nintendo and GameFreak are really mixing things up by actually continuing the storyline started in the original Black and White.

Honestly, it’ll probably involve the same tried and true formula of Pokemon where you wander from gym to gym collecting badges, usually thwarting an evil plot to destroy the world or something to that effect as you go.  That’s not a bad thing though, and a reason to once again invest countless hours of my life into the vast, weird and wonderful world of Pokemon sounds pretty good to me.

The announcement of the Pokemon Black and White 2 release date also brings with it more news about a new game coming to the 3DS E-shop. Entitled Pokemon Dream Radar, this new augmented reality shooter will allow you to capture Pokemon and then port them across for use in Black and White 2.

For more information about Black and White 2, you can check out the details here.

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