More Updates to PS3 Firmware

More Updates to PS3 Firmware

Sony’s been tinkering behind the scenes once more with their PS3 firmware.

It may only be a minor fix, but Sony’s officially put out an announcement over at the PS Blog that they’re going to update the PS3 firmware to version 4.20 tomorrow.

The main fix of the update brings the ability to group multiple instances of save data together for deletion/copying to the cloud, which would have been extremely useful for me last week when I had to delete my masses of game data off my system and discovered I’d went slightly insane and had over 100 individual saves from Final Fantasy XIII. Can’t be helped.

The update also revises the PS3’s turn-off feature in accordance with new SCEE regulations, and means the system will be set to power down after an hour of being left idle. Sony’s confirmed that while the PS3 firmware update will bring this action into effect, you can still change it if you want by delving into your system’s settings.

Finally, this PS3 firmware update will also bring a new feature called ‘sidetone’ to the wireless stereo headset. This feature – for inexplicable reasons – allows you to hear your own voice coming through your headset. As opposed to your own ears. Seems they’re not good enough any more.

If you log into the PSN tomorrow I’m sure you know the drill by now – you’ll be prompted to update your firmware and have absolutely no other choice in the matter. If you don’t update, you won’t be able to go online, so it’s probably for the best if you actually do.

Sony’s also promising more info about the PS3 firmware update tomorrow over at the PS Blog, so be sure to go and check it out if you want to know all the various technicalities and delve into exactly what’s been fixed.

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