Matt’s Mind – The E3 Adventure Begins!

Matt’s Mind – The E3 Adventure Begins!

And I’ve packed six pairs of underwear for a five day trip. Yup… It’s gonna be that kind of adventure.

It’s a pretty monumental week for both ManaTank and myself, what with it being our first ever E3. As self-motivated go-getters this is a pretty big deal for us. In fact, this E3 could very well be what pushes both the website and its staff from weekend project to part-time hobby. I’ve got my bags all packed, PSP fully charged and am ready to undertake what will literally be the biggest week in this website’s history (so far at least).

Over the next week you, the lucky viewer, are going to witness possibly some of the most unique coverage to ever come out of E3. As a totally self-funded website we have no sponsors to please and no one to risk offending with our coverage style, which means that every piece of content that goes up on the Tank won’t have the rose colored lens of corporation over it. We’re extremely lucky in that we can basically say exactly what we think about something without ever having to worry if the company whose game we just told you was trash is a major advertiser or not. We don’t have a huge budget or staff, but what we do have is honest opinions from people who are really just gamers at heart and sometimes also happen to write things.

All that being said we have a load of great content planned, both in written and video/podcast form, and are super excited to share it with you.

I’m going to be telling the tale of my E3 adventure through a series of video blogs, which will be available here. I’ll record and upload the videos as often as possible but wifi zones may not be as plentiful as I think, so they may be a bit clumped together. To augment and compliment the blogs will, of course, be my written blog (cleverly titled Matt’s Mind) where I can let my figurative hair down and be as cynical as I like, which, for anyone who doesn’t follow any of our content, is very.

Nothing is on the horizon for the next 20 or so hours… I’ll probably end up doing a video from various airports basically just telling everyone how bored I am and that Vancouver sucks.

It's boring to go alone... Take one of these.

Tomorrow night, however, we should have a podcast rearing and ready to go. Eric will have already been in LA for a day and a bit and have sat through both the Nintendo and Sony conferences and will fill us in on the shows. Then after that it gets crazy. We’ll be shooting a metric tonne of video content and interviews, plus there will be (bandwidth providing) a nightly podcast to recap the day. There will be so much ManaTank in your life, you will in all probability get some form of radiation sickness.

Make sure to stay tuned to the homepage and our twitters as all updates will be posted there.

See you on the other side!

Oh, I also promised Swag I’d get a video of ALL the booth babes at E3 so look out for that… I guess.

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