Hands Off My Metal Gear!

Hands Off My Metal Gear!

Metal Gear’s big daddy just can’t walk away from the adventures of Snake.

Hideo Kojima is probably one of the most recognized, respected, revered and generally loved video game creators in the entire history of the universe. The gent who created the mad, mind-bendingly awesome world of Metal Gear and it’s various technicalities, over-arching storylines, and grizzled characters has more than earned his respect amongst the gaming community.

But ask yourself this. Would Metal Gear have been the same if Hideo had walked away early?

The chaps over at the Official Playstation Magazine recently got the chance to talk to Kojima-San about all things Metal Gear, and the iconic gaming god had some pretty interesting stuff to say about his involvement with the Metal Gear Solid projects.

“Metal Gear Solid 2 was meant to be my last Metal Gear before I handed it off to the team.” he said, ” The team did actually start working on MGS3, but unfortunately there were problems and it didn’t go well, so I was forced to come back and work on it.”

There’s a gent who takes pride in his work ladies and gentlemen. Hideo wasn’t content to just lounge at the sidelines on his veranda drinking cool beers from his Solid Snake mug, but instead found himself drawn back to the world of Metal Gear because of the direction the game was taking.

“It’s very hard to come up with the concept of a game and hand it off to other people, as of course they can’t see what’s in my head. They may not be able to understand the concept completely, or the messages that I want to convey and that’s where things went awry in the past as people couldn’t really understand what I wanted. I decided at that point that if I was going to make a game based around these ideals that I would do it myself, which is why I keep getting involved.”

That’s fine by us Hideo – we’re sure Metal Gear wouldn’t have been anywhere near as awesome had you left others to do your work. It might have been less confusing and with less lengthy cutscenes, but we all love these factors anyway!

Hideo is currently reported to be working on a brand new game we haven’t seen yet, although it isn’t a Metal Gear title. Metal Gear Solid 5 rumors are still flying around, but we’ve got no concrete info on those yet.

The ManaTank crew also recently got to be slightly near Hideo at E3! Check out this vid to see them nonchalantly chatting away while Hideo lounges in the background.

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