Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Not Until We’ve Made Something Better

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Not Until We’ve Made Something Better

Square Enix is still blatantly refusing to make that Final Fantasy 7 remake. 

A while back we reported that Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura had blatantly revealed that Square Enix has no plans currently to make a Final Fantasy 7 remake. He crushed my heart, soul and dreams in one fell swoop.

Unfortunately Square Enix has now swept up the crushed pieces of my heart, soul and dreams, set fire to them and then proceeded to cast them to the winds to blow around unhappily for seemingly all eternity.

Speaking at the Square Enix annual shareholders meeting, Yoichi Wada, Square Enix boss, outlined that in order for the Final Fantasy 7 remake to be made, a brand new Final Fantasy would have to be created that exceeds the quality of 7. He said:

The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.

Exactly how this quality check is done is a mystery to everyone and their mother’s favourite hippopotamus ornament, but it seems as if it’s just an excuse for Square Enix to not bother remaking the game that everybody really wants to see.

Reception to Final Fantasy games in recent years has been somewhat lukewarm. XII was good, XIII totally divided opinions, XIII-2 was a tad better and the less said about XIV the better (although the remake is looking pretty sweet).

Final Fantasy 7 on the other hand is a game almost universally loved, and many fans of the series have been calling for the remake to be made ever since Square Enix teased us with an incredible technical demo of the game running on PS3.  Looking back, probably wasn’t a good idea to do that Square if you’ve no intention of making it.

The news that Square won’t even consider making a Final Fantasy 7 remake until they’ve made a better title is extremely disheartening, and I think many gamers feel that the series’ quality has been somewhat downgraded in recent years.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel though. It was recently rumoured that Square Enix is preparing a Steam version of Final Fantasy VII for PC complete with achievements and cloud saving abilities, so that should sate your thirst…slightly.

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