3DS XL Getting Second Analog Stick

3DS XL Getting Second Analog Stick

It may not come with the device, but the new 3DS XL will eventually get another analog stick.

If there’s one thing Nintendo does brilliantly lately, it’s baffle me. They did it at E3 with their conference, they did it at Nintendo Direct with announcing the 3DS XL after E3 and now it seems as if their new handheld, the 3DS XL, will be the device that baffles me once more.

Since the original 3DS launched users have been asking for a second analog stick to be integrated into the device. Nintendo did eventually relent and release an extremely ugly accessory called the Circle Pad Pro that clipped onto the 3DS, increasing it’s size and making your 3DS significantly larger in the process.

Since they’re essentially remaking their handheld, you’d think it would make sense to integrate this second analog stick actually onto the device, wouldn’t you? No such luck I’m afraid.

In a new issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu they revealed that the Circle Pad Pro will be making a return for the 3DS XL, allowing the user to clip the accessory onto the 3DS. It includes a second analog stick and two additional shoulder buttons.

It just seems a bit….silly.  Since the 3DS XL is about twice as large as the original device, combine it together with the Circle Pad Pro and you’re looking at the makings of a good sized netbook.  I can only assume it cost Nintendo too much to integrate the second analog stick actually into the device, as it really would have been a useful addition for playing games with moveable cameras (there’s quite a few of them, apparently).

If you need a second analog stick for any of your games on the 3DS XL, it really looks like the device is going to be XXL.

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