The Week in Gaming: Black to the Future

The Week in Gaming: Black to the Future

It’s been a busy week in the world of gaming!

Boy oh boy, it’s been quite the week. Lots of new announcements, rumours flying and a suspicious, lingering scent of turnips are of note this week (although that has little to do with the world of gaming) and here I am again for another fun-filled edition of The Week in Gaming, where I tell you all you need to know about this week’s hot topics.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Is Announced (and Gets a Trailer!)

Black Ops 2

It came as no surprise to us here at ManaTank to see Black Ops 2 being formally announced.  Rumours have been flying around for months now about Black Ops 2, with everything from leaked box arts to details about multiplayer being conveniently leaked to get the game on our radar ahead of time.

But yeah, this week actually saw Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 being formally announced by Activision, with a release date for November this year. It seems that they’re trying to make Black Ops into what Modern Warfare is; namely a franchise that’s beloved by millions, and universally condemned to the fires of Hades by others who are sick of the same old stuff every year.

That said, the new, futuristic setting of Black Ops 2 has leant me some hope of a franchise revival. The new setting looks intriguing to say the least, but if this ends up just being another carbon copy of a previous COD game this could really be the year when people start to get angry.

Many of you ManaTank regulars have already expressed distinct levels of ‘meh’ or all-out distaste in the comments on our article about the game (at the title, not at us, obviously) and it seems like we’re all judging this before it comes out. Let’s just wait and see what they do with it, then we’ll all throw stones at them together and attack the Activision offices with pitchforks and rabid bloodlust coursing through our veins. Deal?

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Very Real Indeed!

If there was ever something that had a lot of hype behind it and arrived with less of a fanfare and more of a pitiful squeak, it’s the Elder Scrolls Online.

Officially announced this week, the Elder Scrolls Online is naturally an MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe we’ve all come to know and love.  If you haven’t come to know and love it, do it now. Seriously.  Done? Good. Anyway, fans of the Elder Scrolls series have been clamouring for absolutely, totally ages for Bethesda and Zenimax to make us an Elder Scrolls title we can play with friends, and it was kind of exciting to see those machinations finally come to fruition.

But then everyone saw the first teaser trailer, and the screenshots. Since then, the internet has been pretty much afire with people moaning about how the game looks like just another World of Warcraft clone, and many long-time fans of the series have expressed their dissatisfaction with what they’ve seen so far.

Personally I’m holding my judgement. I’m kind of meant to, being a game journalist and all that. Over the past few days we’ve reported a load of stuff on the game, including the announcement, first details, screenshots and an announcement trailer.

Be sure to check them all out. ManaTank editor Eric Pederson even compared it to having a golden toilet, and you can’t ask for more than that, can you?

More Insanity To Come From Saints Row: The Third

Enter the Dominatrix

It’s not really as earth shattering news as the announcement of Black Ops 2 or the Elder Scrolls Online, but THQ revealing the latest batch of DLC for Saints Row: The Third nearly made me crap my pants in excitement.

Originally only a cruel April Fool’s joke, the new DLC is entitled Enter the Dominatrix and brings the one thing Saints Row 3 was lacking to the table. Superpowers!

I honestly can’t wait. I loved Saints Row: The Third with it’s totally mad-cap sense of humour, and myself and Eric of MT have spent many an hour wandering around the streets of Steelport as two toilets wielding giants fists, explosives, ridiculously overpowered jets and dildo baseball bats. Superpowers would just make that even more awesome.

Less Boobs, More Action in the New Tomb Raider

Occasional MT writer Jess Clarkson took some time out of her busy schedule this week to bring us yet another great article. In this one she relives the details about the upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider, which we haven’t seen much of at all since last year’s E3 demo.

You can learn all about it by visiting the article here.

Let Us Not Forget the Skyrim

While most of this week’s attention was directed at spewing forth venom at the Elder Scrolls online, there were a few lovely announcements also about the fate of Skyrim this week.

First of all I took the time to write a huge, lengthy description of all the voice commands for the now live Kinect version of Skyrim, so be sure to check that out, grab the update and shout FUS RO DA at mountain goats using your real voice rather than the RB button.

That very same day also saw the official announcement of Skyrim’s first DLC, Dawnguard. An announcement of DLC for anything else is only mildly exciting, but when it’s for an Elder Scrolls game (which are already massive) the prospect of even more content is certainly a very exciting one.

Full details about Dawnguard can be found here.

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