Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses 25% of Its Subscribers

Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses 25% of Its Subscribers

The force is not strong with this one. They must not have included enough midichlorians.

EA aired out some dirty laundry today during an earnings report and revealed that since its launch, Star Was: The Old Republic has dwindled from an impressive 1.7 million subscribers to a rather lackluster 1.3 million active subscribers. For those of you who still see a million as a massive number, consider this… that’s nearly 25%, 1/4, 400,000, one quarter of the game’s total subscribers who have cut tail and bugged out.

Why the massive drop in subscribers? Well, for one… it is just another MMO. We talked at length on the podcast this past week about the future of MMOs and what needs to be done in order to keep the genre fresh. It’s quite possible that SWTOR was unable to offer up enough new and exciting material to keep people around longer than the free 30 day trial, but EA doesn’t quite see it that way, however.

In a recent press conference, they blamed the dip in active subscribers on “casual and trial players” cycling out of the game. Still, that’s a pretty hefty dip in subscribers, especially considering the game came out nearly six months ago now. Perhaps people have seen all there is to see in SWTOR and decided to return to the cozy confines of WoW. That, or gear up for the impending release of The Elder Scrolls Online.

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