Soul Sacrifice Bringing Demon’s Souls to Vita?

Soul Sacrifice Bringing Demon’s Souls to Vita?

The heavens have peeled back the sky and in a gloriously booming voice declared, “Here is your reason to buy a Vita.”

The Japanese PlayStation site played host to an incredibly titillating piece of information today. But before I launch head first into a rant dripping with love and obsession, I’m going to let you watch this. We’ll talk afterwards.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Although it doesn’t come right out and directly say so, that looks an awful lot like a Demon’s Souls game running on the Vita. If we want to use basic logic here we can go directly to the name and look at the word ‘soul’. The only game series on a Sony platform that contains that word along with that iconic dark fantasy art style is Demon’s Souls. Although the series was originally done by From Software and published by Atlus, it is still technically a Sony property, which means that this is technically not out of the realm of possibility. That just means that we may see a game more akin to the original Demon’s Souls vs. the more recent Dark Souls.

According to GameTrailers, the Japanese PlayStation Site runs a short montage after the trailer that lends even more evidence to the case. Specifically, text appears drawing attention to a complex multiplayer system saying, “it’s not cooperation.” Anyone who knows the series may very well have just felt a cold shiver run down their neck because that can only mean the infamous red phantoms who have come to represent all that is terror. Although cooperation isn’t entirely abandoned. Further text indicates a call for “shoulder to shoulder” action to best the atrocities laid out before you. If that doesn’t sound like a Souls game, I don’t know what does.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like From Software has anything to do with Soul Sacrifice, leaving all the work up to JapanStudio. I’m not going to complain because some of my all-time favorite games have come from JapanStudio, but the lack of the original developer (if this is in fact to be another spiritual successor/revival of the series) leaves me a bit worried. However, if this turns out to be true, you can guess exactly which day I’ll be buying a Vita.

A full reveal is scheduled for May 10th. Check back then for the complete story.

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