New Wii U Controller Image Leaked

New Wii U Controller Image Leaked

Unlike its 3DS counterpart, this one actually has joysticks.

The Wii U was first unveiled almost a year ago at E3 2011 and was met with a collective scratching of the head. The system itself wasn’t really lauded aside from the graphical capabilities, but the controller seemed to be the center of everyone’s attention. This marks the second generation in a row where Nintendo has placed an obvious emphasis on how players will interact with the games and the Wii U controller is by far the most bizarre one yet.

While everyone is stuck scratching their head, the keen people over at Games Radar stumbled upon a brand new image of the Wii U controller and noticed a few key differences. This is what the original controller revealed at E3 2011 looks like.

Old Wii U Controller

And here is what the new controller looks like.

New Wii U Controller

Games Radar noticed a few key differences, the most obvious being that the joysticks have apparently evolved from tiny little nubbins into full-fledged functional joysticks. Thank god. This feature may do more good than Nintendo knows and actually serve to better the system in the long run. Additionally, the start and select buttons have migrated away from the farthest possible point from the thumbs to a location that is a tad bit more accessible along the right side. Finally, a mysterious unlabeled square button has appeared below the D-Pad on the left side. My guess is this is the self destruct button.

The controller as a whole still seems awfully enormous and clunky and the button layout doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Having the Y X B A buttons below the right joystick may lead to either a large amount of unwanted button presses or complete and utter hand crampage. Also, the rest of the buttons like the home, power, start, select, and mysterious unlabeled buttons look like they are going to require full on hand movement in order to be pressed as they seem to be entirely out of range when using the joysticks.

This isn’t confirmed to be the final concept for the controller, but it seems a bit late in the game for Nintendo to be changing things up. We’ll keep this in mind for when we get to E3 and see if this image lines up at all with the controller on display and available for play on the show floor. Until then, what do you think? Are you looking forward to the Wii U and it’s house-sized controller or are you to put off by Nintendo at this point? Let us know!

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