Lego Lord of the Rings Is Coming

Lego Lord of the Rings Is Coming

One ring to rule them all, and in the LEGO bind them.

Lord of the Rings certainly left it’s mark upon the world. Starting out as a novel, transforming into a slightly scarily animated cartoon and then becoming a mega blockbuster hit that spans film, videogames, boardgames and everything else under the sun, the Lord of the Rings is set to break into a new territory, if recent reports are to be believed.

MCV originally broke the news, and outlined how recent toy sets that showcase LEGO Lord of the Rings have also revealed the existence of a videogame under the same brand.  You may be wondering how on earth toy sets reveal the fact that a game is in development, and you’d be right to wonder. Well, turns out that the toy sets actually reference a series that’s a joint venture between Warner Bros. and developer Traveller’s Tales (the same people who made the other LEGO games).

Lego Gandalf

The original leaked images of the LEGO box sets have since all but disappeared from the internet, but as we all know, something on the internet doesn’t stay secret for long.  It’s fully expected for the title to be revealed properly very soon though, probably either at E3 or sometime before/after.

Even if the boxsets weren’t already revealed, it seems an absolute must bet that The Lord of the Rings would eventually be given the LEGO treatment anyway. The LEGO games have been incredibly popular over the past few years and span everything from Batman to Indiana Jones, so it seems extremely likely that Lord of the Rings, a similar smash-hit, would also be given the LEGO treatment.

Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a LEGO Gandalf battling a LEGO Balrog? I’ll answer that for you: yes it would.

If you need any further proof, the Sixth Axis managed to grab a screencap from ShopTo which actually lists the game, a release date, the publisher, developer and cites the platform as Xbox 360. All the other LEGO games have been multi-format though, so it seems likely this will continue.

The image reveals that the Lego Lord of the Rings game is billed for a 26/10/2012 release (that’s 10/26/2012 for my American chums) and again showcases Warner Bros/Traveller’s Tales as the people behind the game.  Check it out:

Lego Lord of the Rings

I’m honestly rather excited for this title. Lord of the Rings has always been one of my favorite film series’ and providing you can stand sitting on your backside for three hours (I jest – that’s what we gamers do all the time, right?) they’re truly one of the most fantastic pieces of cinematography produced in history.

There’s literally so many epic scenes that can be recast in LEGO glory, including ‘You don’t toss a dwarf’, the march of the Ents on Isenguard and of course the epic assault upon Minas Tirith. I don’t know if it’ll be as good as the Two Towers videogame where Gimli had an epic squashed-pancake face though. That was, after all, brilliant.

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