Lara Croft: Younger, Perkier, Rebooted

Lara Croft: Younger, Perkier, Rebooted

This fall we get to see a fresh new spin on the Lara Croft franchise with the reintroduction of the beautiful and dangerous heroine. This reboot version will allow us to see Lara grow and hopefully fill her own large *ahem* shoes. 

It seems like the newest craze in Hollywood (and apparently Videogame-land) is the creation of a reboot, and I do not mean the incredible TV show. Over the past few years, there have been many reboots created such as: Star Trek, X-men: First Class, The Amazing Spider-Man, 21 Jump Street, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now Tomb Raider. The reboot of Tomb Raider is not limited to the big-screen as both mediums will experience a re-launch of the Lara Croft storyline.

The videogame will feature a 21 year old version of the femme fatale who is fresh out of college. Not only will we see a fresh-faced Lara, her adventures will be happening in 2012. The new Lara will be very different than the previous versions that we have loved. New Lara has yet to be molded into the hard, fearless, heroine. However, that will come as the gameplay develops. According to the developers, Crystal Dynamics, Lara will transform throughout the game from a fearful, unsure woman to a survivor. They have also promised that although the game may not start off with the traditional Lara Croft, the player will witness the re-creation of some of Lara’s iconic characteristics.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Other aspects of Lara will stay the same, she is still a treasure hunter at heart and had been studying archeology. Lara’s first job takes her on an unforeseen journey, as the boat she is on, ironically named Endurance, becomes victim to a storm and Lara washes up alone on an island. The island will be full of mystery and adventure with the initial goal being survival. Now, the whole mysterious island aspect seems a little overdone but hopefully we will see some refreshing changes to the very predictable storyline. Hopefully.


As mentioned above, gamers will be introduced to Lara as a familiar stranger. We all know old Lara’s story, her history, her relationships, and her curves. New Lara is different, we know her story (ish), we know her strengths, but most importantly we know what she is capable of becoming.

If you could pick a few words to describe Lara (…Lara, the person…not her DD’s), I am sure one of the words might be aristocrat, high-class, worldly, wealthy, affluent, rich, etc. Her wealth has definitely shaped her as an individual in previous Tomb Raider titles and has provided a strong foundation for her story. This storyline however will not address her wealth directly. It will be interesting to see if this means a more down-to-earth character. You may also describe Lara as fearless, something that new Lara may not be. Initially, new Lara will be more fearful as well as unsure of herself. As a 21 year old on her first job after graduating from school, she would be. We are seeing the development of an icon; this new direction has the potential to be incredible for Tomb Raider fans.


Lara has always been an incredible strong, tough, and resourceful fighter. While we may not see her at her full capacity, Crystal Dynamics has mentioned that new Lara will still be great in combat. New Lara is said to be a very fit individual, which will translate to her combat abilities. She may not be able to pull out all of the dual-wielding pistol moves that we know and love, but she will not be clumsy when it comes to kick some butt.

 Feminine Assets

Lara has always been blessed by the Boob-Fairy, sporting some seriously dangerous curves that make you wonder how she found such a supportive bra! Throughout the years, Lara has seen some redesign changes but her outfit, hair, and sweater puppies have relatively stayed the same, until now.  With the reboot comes a new image, which will provide the developers an interesting opportunity to either showcase the development of Lara’s specific style or go in a different direction. Although it seems unnatural to see Lara without a long braid, it may seem strained if new Lara starts the story off that way. Personally, I feel that it gives new Lara more depth as she grows into the character.

Lara Croft

Out with the old...

New Lara is shown in a new, more youthful, light. There has been a lot of detail in the redevelopment of our favourite vixen. The new design of her outfit is perfect for her circumstances. The change from a t-shirt to a tank top helps illustrate that she is a younger woman than what we are used to. The long pants are a practical choice and allow Lara to show off some skin, but not look trashy. The young adventurer is more realistic in this title, as she appears distressed, bloody, and injured which would be consistent with surviving a shipwreck. Another incredible change is the modification of her unnatural, awkwardly moving cannons to the much more natural and realistic looking lady lumps. Fear not as they are still far from granting her access to the IBTC.

Lara Croft wear Beats by Dr. Dre

... In with the new

The game is being created for Xbox, PC, and PS3 simultaneously; this means we should see a seamless game that takes advantage of the characteristics of each gaming medium and platform specific glitches should be nonexistent. The release date is set for Fall 2012, alongside other spectacular titles.

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