Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You… Diablo 3!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You… Diablo 3!

Oh, wait…

It’s been exactly one hour since Diablo 3 has officially launched and I have yet to see even one second of gameplay. No, I wasn’t off gallivanting about the countryside tracking down one of the limited collector’s editions. No, sir. In fact, I’ve been plopped down right here in my underpants since well before the stroke of midnight.

For thepast hour I have tirelessly been hammering my password into the box and feverishly clicking the login button, but to no avail. Each and every time I was met with that lovely error that so polietly told me that the servers were busy and that I should try again later. Apprently 2 and half seconds wasn’t ‘later’ enough for Blizzard.

I did manage to make it to character creation screen after 20 minutes, but that was equally as fruitless of an endevour. Diablo 3, for the time being, has been reduced to clicking “Create Hero,” moving the mouse up 6 inches, hitting OK, and repeating ad nauseum.

Blizzard is fully aware of the issues and informed the world of their counter measures via the only reliable source of information in the world: Twitter.

Diablo 3 Tweet

The world is obviously up in arms over the dysfunction occurring at Blizzard right now. Yes, we know that the game is bigger than God himself, but one would think Blizzard could have seen this coming and prepared a bit more.

So if you are stuck starting at the eternal Error37 code, stay strong. Surely someone somewhere is playing this game right now.

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