God of War: Ascension Multipalyer Details

God of War: Ascension Multipalyer Details

For the first time in the history of the God of War franchise players will be able to pit themselves against one another in a guttural duel to the death… and Kratos is nowhere to be found.

With the launch of the official God of War: Ascension (God of War IV?) trailer, I’ve been looking at this newest installment to the series through squinted eyes. Another prequel…? How could anything possibly top God of War 3’s epic set pieces and super-sized scale? How about doing all that, but with other players, online?

The object of the mode shown in the trailer is to work with your team of Spartans (none of whom are Kratos keep in mind) to take down the giant enemy in the middle, presumably before the other team does. While all of this is going on the other team is trying to kill you, you are trying to kill them and the cyclops in the middle of the map is trying to kill everyone.

Players will have a number of customization options and will be able to pledge themselves to one of four deities – Zeus, Hades, Ares or Poseidon. Each pledge will grant a character unique strengths and weaknesses. Armor and weapons are entirely customizable and players can level and upgrade their characters by earning experience.

As it stands right now, the multiplayer component of Ascension will be entirely competitive but co-op isn’t totally our of the question. In an interview with IGN, Ascension’s game director, Todd Papy said:

“When we started talking about co-op campaign we thought about the amount of time we would sink into it and then people would only play it once. We wanted a bit of a grind aspect to the multiplayer. We’re still figuring out ‘do we want to do local co-op’? and if we do that it will be [implemented] like a boss level, where both characters are on one camera.”

He went on to mention that they want the game to look as sharp as possible and as a result of that, split screen is pretty much a guaranteed no.

Personally, I think this new multiplayer aspect looks incredible. I’ve always been a huge fan of God of War’s epic boss battles and the idea of teaming up to not only slay a huge cyclops, but to murder players all across the world couldn’t be more appealing to me.



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