Glimmer Of Hope For Bayonetta 2 After Tweets From Hideki Kayima

Glimmer Of Hope For Bayonetta 2 After Tweets From Hideki Kayima

It might not be cancelled after all. Or maybe it is. Or is it? Hang on a second…

A report from Spong yesterday suggested that work on Bayonetta 2, the sequel to the kinky 2010 action shooter, had been “halted” thanks to Sega’s financial losses and the streamlining of its organisation. However, Spong later noticed that Bayonetta and Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya tweeted in response to fans questioning the story with the cryptic words, “Next week’s game magazines”.

Another tweet showed up from Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba, who commented, “We’ve heard all the rumours on the net. What do you guys think? Too bad it got cancelled, huh?” The tweet was accompanied by some bizarre mock concept art, which included the original logo with a large blue number 2 pasted over it, the titular (and titillating) Bayonetta underneath it, and a figure who is clearly Robert Burns from Vanquish looming over her in the background with one inexplicable red eye. Perhaps this is what we have to expect once the cutbacks at Sega start to take their toll.

Kayima later tweeted: “Game that hasn’t been announced cannot be canceled (sic),so I know Bayo 2 is safe in your mind-heart and around PG office”.

When asked about the status of Bayonetta 2, Sega declined to comment.

Bayonetta was crazier than a satchel of fluorescent snakes, so it would be a shame if it didn’t get a sequel. Despite this whirlwind of rumours and confusion, however, I suspect that Bayonetta 2 is probably off the cards for the time being.


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