Who Wants a Free Copy of Awesomenauts?

Who Wants a Free Copy of Awesomenauts?

A treasure lies in wait! So fire up your PS3, get out your detective hat, dust off your note pad, and call in a favor from goddess Luck because this one is first come, first served.

Update: By some stroke of incredible luck, Jeremy LaMont, a god among mere mortals, simply looked at the list and “picked one that looked right.” Getting it on the very first try. Perhaps you should look into real estate atop Olympus.

Hidden in the ├é┬ájumbled mess of numbers below is ONE active code for a PSN copy of Awesomenauts. How will you tackle the list? Systematically?? Random guess and check?! Whoever’s got the fastest thumbs and best guessing skills is going to walk away with the game.

When you find it, sound off in the comments below so your fellow hunters can call off their search… unless of course you feel like making them suffer eternally… but we don’t recommend that.

Happy hunting!

Finished Code

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