Final Fantasy XII Sequel In The Works?

Final Fantasy XII Sequel In The Works?

Square Enix may well be hard at work on another entry in the XII saga!

The news comes after an image apparently showcasing something known as ‘Final Fantasy Valiant Saga’ has began making the rounds on the internet, which blatantly references both the events of Final Fantasy XII and outlines the basic plot of this sequel.

The text on the image reads:

“Ten years after FINAL FANTASY XII, in the Leá Monde region of Nabradia. A fanatical cult leader has taken up residence in the eldritch Fortress of Faram, above which has suddenly appeared a mysterious floating artefact called the Gate of Lucav. The cult leader believes it to be the gateway to paradise, but an emissary from the northern Holy Ydoran Empire claims it to be an ancient weapon with the power to destroy all of Ivalice. The Queen of Dalmasca, figurehead of the delicate New Alliance, must petition a lone mercenary to infiltrate the fortress and prevent the cult from harnessing the forbidden magicks harnessed within the gate.”

Take a look at the image for yourself:

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I’d take it all with a grain of salt personally, but it does sound like a plausible scenario for a Final Fantasy game. Adding further fire to the rumours is an apparently ‘official’ Twitter account for Final Fantasy Valiant Saga, although again I’d be a bit dubious about this one.

Interestingly the Twitter account refers to the game not as Final Fantasy XII, but as Final Fantasy: Valiant Saga. This may mean that while it is technically set in Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy XII, it will star brand new characters and not be a direct continuation of the narrative from XII.

Final Fantasy XII originally had a sequel in the form of Revenant Wings for the DS, and since then the series hasn’t been really been built upon, with Square Enix rapidly shifting focus to Final Fantasy XIII.

If it is true, I have to say that Square Enix baffles me, they really do. Not only did they make a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII that no one really wanted, but they’re now apparently also going to make a sequel to Final Fantasy XII, which nobody really wants either.  It’s particularly baffling as countless millions of fans across the globe are practically screaming for what they want from Squeenix (namely a FF7 remake) but Square Enix is totally ignoring everything we want and focusing instead on the games in the series that weren’t as well received as those in the past.

It’s not that I didn’t like Final Fantasy XII, but I feel that out of all of the games in the series that’s rife for a sequel, XII simply isn’t it.  I still put a load of hours into the game, but I simply wasn’t invested enough in the characters and overall stories by the game’s climax to really care about what was going on.

On the other hand, I did kind of like XII’s gameplay, so I’m really torn between my dislike for the story and the rather addictive gameplay mechanics. If Square Enix can somehow marry the two together for a sequel I’m all on board, but I’m not entirely sure either way.

What do you think though? Tell us exactly how you feel about a sequel to XII in the comments below.

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