Eric and Dan Do Awesomnauts

Eric and Dan Do Awesomnauts

Don’t listen to Matt. This game is great!

This week’s podcast saw a significant amount of time dedicated to Romino Games recent title, Awesomenauts. Although an equal amount of heated words were then exchanged, I believe everyone remained friends in the end. However, if you are one of those “judge for yourself” types, Dan and I took it upon ourselves to bring you a few rounds of the glory that is Awesomenauts, while at the same time plummeting the IQ level of this whole place to somewhere right around zero.

Check out the full ManaTank Awesomenauts review here.

Go ahead, crack your jokes about console peer to peer hosting. I’ll let them slide this time. (But I still blame the initial connection issues on Dan’s crappy internet.)

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