Details for Bungie’s New Game Revealed… Sort Of

Details for Bungie’s New Game Revealed… Sort Of

While nothing concrete has been released we do know a few keys points. And (unfortunately?) they could point to an MMO.

Remember way back in 2010 when Infinity Ward and Activision had what one can only describe as a ‘falling out’? Well it turns out that lawsuit is still going on and as a result of it, a number of previously private documents have been made public most notably a contract between Bungie and Activision regarding a mysterious project codenamed Destiny. The contract outlines Bungie’s agreement to create four “massively-multiplayer-style… sci-fantasy, action-shooter games” and four expansions to go along with each major release. The first game is set to release in 2013.

Lost in the contract’s legal mumbo-jumbo is the fact that while the games will be coming to Xbox 360 and the next gen Xbox, they may or may not also be coming to PS3 and PC.

While these details are extremely vague, I pride myself on the ability to be cynical with almost no supporting evidence. A game that is “massively-multiplayer-style” and will have expansion packs… Hmmm… Does that sound a little familiar?

Since World of Warcraft’s amazing success publishers all across the board have been trying to get into the MMO game (see also: SWTOR, The Elder Scrolls Online) and maybe Activision has finally decided to step up to the plate. It’s important to note that all of this is just a combination of supposition and cynicism, though. Massively-multiplayer-style might mean something totally different in legal terms and I may have missed the boat here entirely. Hopefully we’ll get some information at this years E3.

If contracts and legal speak is your thing, the entire contract can be viewed on the LA Times website.

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