First Dead Space 3 Screenshots Leaked

First Dead Space 3 Screenshots Leaked

Even alien mutants in space can’t stay secret anymore.

I hate to spoil another full E3 reveal but it would seem that Dead Space 3 is more than likely to be fully revealed at the event, particularly because a series of screenshots that apparently show the game have just started to appear online.

As most of us know, Dead Space has always been about the solitary, lone hero Issac Clarke battling against the Necromorphs, navigating his way through incredibly dingily-lit environments while various hideous monsters leap out from the shadows.  Interestingly these new screens seem to show that Issac has got a new chum with a red helmet, leading many to believe that this new Dead Space title will also support co-operative play.

I’m not sure how I feel about that really. While on one hand it’s fun as hell to play games with friends, on the other it’s probably going to ruin the spooky atmosphere that the franchise has became known for.

You can check out the shots here:

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