Crystal White PS Vita Spotted

Crystal White PS Vita Spotted

Get out your import forms, folks. This one’s coming to Japan.

Have you been holding off on picking yourself up a Vita because something about that black just doesn’t gets your socks rockin’? Well, Sony recently revealed that the latest PlayStation handheld will be getting the whitewash treatment, but only in Japan.

Slated to drop sometime in June, the Crystal White PS Vita will see a price tag of ¥29,980 (US$375) for the WiFi/3G model and ¥24,980 ($313) for the WiFi only model. If you fancy yourself one of these beauts, know that those prices are significantly higher than what you can get your mits on one for here in the States. But hey, fashion is everything these days, right?

There’s no word about whether or not this gem is going to see a Western release, but I’m going to put my money on no simply because Japan always gets all the fun stuff. We’re stuck lame old black while they’re over there basking in the glory of multicolored systems. I guess there’s always spray paint.

Check out the official trailer for the new color below.

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