Brand New Gears of War Revealed

Brand New Gears of War Revealed

Game Informer’s July issue is bringing back the burliness.

It’s rare we get announcements such as this one so close to the majesty and ridiculous hype of E3, but Game Informer has got the drop on the event by officially revealing their July magazine cover – a brand new Gears of War. The game’s official title and plot are being strictly kept under wraps, but a post on Game Informer’s site reveals that the title will be fully revealed this Monday during Microsoft’s official E3 conference.

Given that Gears 3 pretty much tied up the story arc of the first three games, it’s more likely that this title will be some kind of prequel rather than Gears of War 4.  It’s a fitting premise – the history behind the Gears franchise has largely been unexplored up until this point, and it seems like an ample time to release a game that explores the potentially rich backstory of the franchise.

Game Informer’s cover is an interesting one – it depicts a shadowy figure being held in chains, leading me to potentially believing that this mysterious figure is none other than Marcus Fenix as he is incarcerated.  If you remember, Gears of War originally began with Marcus being busted out of prison – so this again lends fuel to my theory that this title is a prequel set in the Gears universe, and will deal largely with why Marcus ends up in prison.

The game – just like the other titles – is scheduled only for release on the Xbox 360. It’s in development once again by Epic, and may well even be the Gears of War: Exile game that they trademarked ages and ages ago born again. Although Cliffy B did say that game was canned, but you can never tell with these developers sometimes!

You can check out the first official image of the game right here:

Gears of War

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