Xbox 720 Apparently To Have Blu-Ray and Integrated Kinect

Xbox 720 Apparently To Have Blu-Ray and Integrated Kinect

Churn churn goes the rumour mill.

We’ve heard our good fill of rumours (yes with a U, I’m British – deal with it) about the next Xbox over the past few months. Every so often another outlet claims to have gained insider information about the product and today is no exception to this rule whatsoever as VG24/7 is now adding more rumours to the ever-churning rumour mill that is powered by the ‘Xbox 720’ (for want of a better term).

This time around we’re learning all about how the Xbox 720 will have an integrated Blu-Ray drive as standard, will also come with built-in Kinect and sport a rather nifty double-GPU combo, making it uber-powerful. The graphics card will likewise be pretty impressive, similar to AMD’s 7000 series.

Rumours continue to bounce off the walls like they’re made of rubber as it’s also being speculating that the console’s CPU will have up to six individual cores, with one dedicated to integrated Kinect and another for the on-board operating system. The remaining four act simultaneously as a beverage cup holder, a small but perfectly serviceable butler, a biscuit tin and a surfboard. Ok, may have made up that last bit.

As always, I’m always a bit sceptic about these rumours. It’s hard to tell really without concrete evidence whether any of this is really true, but an Xbox with integrated Kinect doesn’t seem all too unlikely really.

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