The Week In Gaming: Blops Number Two

The Week In Gaming: Blops Number Two

Gaming stuffs happened this week. Find out what they were.

Well heloooooo ManaTank! Dan here, bringing with me another fun-filled edition of….*best ominous voice*….THE WEEK IN GAMING!!!! Apologies for missing last week – I was hit by an overwhelming bout of tiredness after being forced to get up early all week by one of these job things (urgh) and simply couldn’t string two words together. Seriously. I tried it with banana and hammock and ended up with bansskdjas;dkasldk.

That, however, was last week. This week I’ve recovered, got used to getting up at unacceptable times and have sat down once more behind my keyboard to bring you all the info about what we deemed important this week in the gaming world.  There’s been plenty happening this week ranging from Baldur’s Gate disappointments to a wonderful new feature from ManaTank’s Jess (more on that later) but I’d like to start with a subject that’s somewhat close to my heart as it crushed my soul and left me floundering with nowhere except supermarkets to shop for games.

GAME over.

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Yep. GAME kinda died this week. As did Gamestation, GAME’s sister-store.  It was very sad indeed, being greeted with a big sign that simply said ‘SORRY! THIS STORE HAS CLOSED!’ (or something to that effect) when I walked down my local high street and gazed at the place where I briefly worked.

If you’re unfamiliar with GAME, that’s probably because you’re either a) a hermit who has never ventured out to shopping centres or b) do not live in the UK. I’m going to give the vast majority the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re not actually from the UK, so let me explain to you all what GAME is.

GAME is essentially the UK’s biggest chain of gaming stores. They’ve been around ever since I can remember, becoming a staple sight in almost every location you could possibly go. Hell, even where I live in the back-ass end of nowhere had a Gamestation! It was essentially the Mcdonald’s of gaming (namely you couldn’t move without seeing one) and it was announced this week that the chain has went into administration, closing down nearly a thousand stores and axing over 2000 jobs in the process.

The store continues to survive by the skin of its teeth with just 300 stores around the UK clinging to life, but it really is sad to see the death of videogame retail. We do have a few other gaming stores available around the UK but they’re all a bit ‘meh’ and I really do believe shopping for games in supermarkets is the single most depressing thing ever. I don’t want a meagre selection of chart titles and a couple of reduced ‘bargains’ while I buy toilet roll and vast quantities of curry (mystery of the toilet roll solved) – instead I want to be able to be in an environment filled with games as far as the eye can see. Alas, it wasn’t to be – GAME is all but gone and I now have to travel absolutely miles to get anywhere near one.


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I really do love it when you all get all interact-y with us. It gives us great joy to see you all interacting with the site (and us) and I was absolutely overjoyed this week when I was able to award the prestigious hidden achievement ‘Feck Off Cup’ to a rewarding member after they took it upon themselves to listen to me and make a Father Ted Appreciation Group.

If you don’t know what Father Ted is, you really haven’t lived. It’s probably one of the funniest British comedies ever, and deserves it’s place on ManaTank.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of mentioning it in this article, so make sure you stop by and say hi to Mr Dane, the group’s creator.

I’m not just mentioning it for the sake of it though – I also want to mention that ManaTank is possibly riddled with hidden achievements just like this one waiting to be unlocked. Since the site redesign they’ve kinda just been sitting there waiting for someone to unlock them, so I’m going to be periodically giving you hints every so often about how to get them through Twitter.

I’ll also be adding more and more achievements in the coming months, so make sure you’re following MT on Twitter (and have a registered MT account, naturally) in order to be in with a chance of getting one.

Baldur’s Ipad

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Eric’s heart sunk down to his knees this week. Our fine friend from the desert had been positively giddy with excitement about the prospect of Baldur’s Gate enhanced edition coming out soon, then he found out that the game is only apparently coming out for PC/Ipad and he turned from Mr Cheery HonestPizza into Mr Misery Honest Pizza.

Twas a little bit of a slap round the mutton chops of console gamers like me and Eric really. I had Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance on the original Xbox and remember absolutely loving it (mostly due to my desire for stealing vast quantities of treasure from those on my team and then gloating as I get better weapons than them) and as a result of this love for Baldur’s Gate fun I was a little bit disappointed to see that it wouldn’t be – at least for the moment – coming out on my platform of choice. Oh well, this stuff happens.

Playstation 4….er….Orbis?

Some of the most intriguing news to be released this week by our friends over at Kotaku was the possibility of the Playstation 4 being named (or code-named, not sure which) ‘Orbis’.

As well as the name we also found out that the PS4 – sorry, Orbis – will not play PS3 games, and will also somehow block the player from playing any used games on the console.   In another bizarre twist the specs of the console were also put under the proverbial microscope as it was outlined that the PS4 can apparently output resolutions of 4096×2160!

Shame we don’t actually have TV’s that can currently display at 4096×2160 resolutions, but hey-ho.

Blop Blop

See what I did there? Blop Blop. Cause its Black Ops 2. Double blops. Get it? Never mind.

Anyway, it was apparently leaked this week that this year’s Call of Duty will be in fact Black Ops 2, and that it will feature a load of new multiplayer stuff. It wasn’t really much of a surprise as Black Ops 2 has been rumoured for months on end, but it seems we’re nearing confirmation.

It’s news that’ll either excite you or cause you to groan and throw yourself out of the nearest window to try and get away from it immediately or make you weep with joy that more Call of Duty is coming your way. Either that or you’re totally indifferent and sitting there with your best meh face on.


Well friends, that concludes this week’s Week in Gaming, brought to you from the fingers of Dan Curtis.

Keep button mashing.


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