New Uncharted 3 Map Pack and Updates Arriving Soon

New Uncharted 3 Map Pack and Updates Arriving Soon

No word yet on that Chloe Frazer bikini outfit, though.

If you’ve recently found yourself bored to tears with the current Uncharted 3 maps or just itching for a change of pace, the new Drake’s Deception Map Pack is just around the corner. The DLC, set to release on April 10th, will feature four brand new maps filled with tons of new features that are sure to freshen things up a bit.

Graveyard finds you battling it out amid rolling waves and shipping crates while a patrol boat circles the perimeter, firing grenades over the map. Old Quarter throws you into a series of dimly lit back alleys and rooms while London Streets offers up a series of prime locations for those raging bar brawls to spill over into. Finally, Oasis drops you into the heat of the desert with a cargo place circling over head, occasionally dropping a crate somewhere on the map.

Each map will feature new dynamic events that can and will impact gameplay, not always in your favor. For example, the cargo plane on Oasis serves as both a death sentence for those unlucky enough to find themselves underneath it or a reward for those skilled enough to retrieve the power weapon hidden within. The other dynamic events, however, are a very closely guarded secret, so you’re on your own for figuring those out.

The map pack will run $9.99, but if you are already a member of the Fortune Hunter’s Club, then you get to pay absolutely nothing. If you have yet to become a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club you only have until April 17th to do so. Membership isn’t free, though, but for $24.99 you get to save 60% on 14 different packs of Uncharted 3 DLC. On April 17th the Fortune Hunters’ Club will shut its doors for good and anyone who hasn’t signed up will be left on the outside looking in.


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