Target Pre-Order Cards Reveal Blops 2 Release Date

Target Pre-Order Cards Reveal Blops 2 Release Date

It’s just not a secret-keeping kind of day, is it?

The amount of information spilling over the sides of the Call of Duty bucket recently is insane. Hot off the heels of a recent patch that outed some MW3 Spec Ops missions, Black Ops 2 is having a bit of its thunder stolen by a national retailer.

A recent image sent to IGN by a reader shows a set of Target pre-order cards prominently displaying the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as November 13, 2012 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. No word about release dates for other systems at this time.

Black Ops 2 Release Date

Activision recently revealed that some sort of Call of Duty related announcement was in the works for May 1st, so if you were holding your breath for them to announce a release date, you can stop now.

The shown date falls in line with the traditional Call of Duty release date schedule and lands squarely a week past Halo 4.

I may be in this boat alone, but the Modern Warfare series all but failed to captured my attention and then Black Ops rolled around. I passed on MW3 entirely, but a strange tingling in the deep recesses of my nether regions at the mere mention of  Black Ops 2. Too many shooters, so little time.

Source [IGN]

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