Peter Molyneux Admits Chair Adjustment Was The Final Straw Between Him and Microsoft

Peter Molyneux Admits Chair Adjustment Was The Final Straw Between Him and Microsoft

The creator of Black and White has said that Microsoft made him feel “suffocated creatively”.

In an interview with Develop, Peter Molyneux, the mastermind behind Black and White and the Fable games, has said that his motivation to leave Microsoft and start a new team called 22Cans was a feeling of excessive safety.

“One day I was at the studio sitting on my chair, in the zone, my eyes closed, my headphones on, blaring music in, trying to think of ideas for Fable The Journey”, he explained. “Suddenly I felt my chair move. I looked around. Standing there was the Microsoft chair adjustment personnel, this nice woman who comes over once a month, fiddling with my seat settings to make sure it was posturepedically correct. I thought; this is insane.”

He went on to explain how Microsoft made him feel like he was “in a creative padded cell”.

“Microsoft was so safe. Microsoft was so nice. You’re so supported. Everything I did couldn’t hurt me, both creatively and physically. The danger was long gone. I had this huge desire to make something truly special, and I felt like I was being suffocated creatively a little bit.”

While he was reluctant to discuss the meaning behind the 22Cans name, he assured that he was setting up “a brilliant team” that would “inevitably change the world”, proving that he hasn’t lost his knack for hyperbole.

In the interview, Molyneux also described soul-sappingly dull UK Soap Opera Coronation Street as an “unbelievably brave idea” and expresses a desire to create something “that doesn’t have a full stop”. I still can’t decide if he’s a creative genius or a few screws short of a toolbox. What do you think?

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