The ManaTank Podcast Cares!

The ManaTank Podcast Cares!

After a certain podcast host made a certain lewd joke involving a certain mattress actress I received an email from a young listener saying that he had taken our advice and as a result had received a grounding. Matt “PR Champ” Eades is on the scene.

On Sunday’s show the topic somehow got on porn star Nikki Benz (WARNING: GOOGLE-ING HER WILL CAUSE LEWD IMAGES TO APPEAR ON YOUR SCREEN) and Swagger mentioned that people should google her. A few minutes later, near the end of that strain of conversation, he covered it all up with a quick “I was just kidding… Don’t google her” and that was that. Or so I thought.

Here’s an email I received in my inbox today:

To which I promptly sent this reply:

Dear Jared,

Sorry to hear we got you into trouble. I’ve written a letter to show your parents below that will hopefully not only get you out of a grounding, but turn them into avid fans of our show.

Dear Jared’s parents,

A member of our show made a joke that involved looking up actresses of the adult entertainment business. The joke was in poor taste, and obviously very poorly phrased. The blame for any of Jared’s innappropriate internet activity lies solely on us and not him. Please rescind his grounding as we know that he’s really a good kid. I will gladly bear any grounding time he may miss as a result of this and restrict my telephone useage, dessert consumption and, of course, internet access.

I hope you find these terms acceptable. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [removed] if you have any concerns regarding any of ManaTank’s audio or video programming.

Sincerely yours,

Matt Eades
Director of Media

Real sorry if we got you into trouble Jared. If that email doesn’t clear things up then hopefully this dancing bear will.

And for the love of god, Jared, do NOT google “Dancing Bear”.

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