Legend of Dragoon Finally Coming to PSN

Legend of Dragoon Finally Coming to PSN

In an age when Final Fantasy reigned supreme, the backseat was the only option for this title.

In December 1999 a little title by the name of The Legend of Dragoon managed to squeeze its way onto the market and instantly captivate a dedicated audience.  Unfortunately, as many games during that time did, The Legend of Dragoon was overshadowed by more popular games of the day and quickly fell to the wayside.

During the late 1990’s it seemed like gamers could only talk about one thing: Final Fantasy. FF7 had reinvented the genre as a whole and FF8 continued that tradition, setting the bar unimaginably high for any others even remotely interested in making a dent in the market.  However, in the years since, many have come to realize and appreciate the wonder and magic hidden within The Legend of Dragoon, me being one of them, and have begun to spread the word. For years now, many of us having asking, “When’s this game coming to the PSN?”

Thankfully, the wait is nearly over. Come May 1st, The Legend of Dragoon will be available for all to enjoy via the PSN. So whether you’ve been anxiously waiting to give this title a shot or have no idea what I’m talking about, I urge you to give it a go.

If you want a bit of light reading as well as some historical info on the game, check out Shu Yoshida’s short blog about his memories making the game, what it means to him that it’s finally hitting the PSOne Classics list, and what the chances of a sequel are.

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