The Lavishly Expensive Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition

The Lavishly Expensive Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition

What would you do with $1,300? Pay off debt? Fill your pool with yogurt? Poach an endangered species? How about buy Resident Evil 6? Wait… what?

“Hi, my name is Eric and I’m an addict.”

These words echo inside my head every time I purchase some sort of video game memorobila, especially collector’s editions. It’s like game companies know that those two simple words are enough to make me open my wallet twice as wide for crap I’ll likely never use. You slap the word ‘Limited’ somewhere on there and chances are I’ll punch every man, woman, child, and everything inbetween on my way to the store just to get my addicted mitts on that game.

Thankfully, marraige has toned down my obsessive behavior, but not by much. I’ve avoided many of the latest collector’s editions including the crack and heroin laced Skyrim Collector’s Edition. Why? Well, one main reason. They’re just too damn expensive!

If you, like me, avoided Skyrim’s Collector’s Edition because of the steep $150 price tag, you may want to sit down and order yourself eight of them because that’s how many you could get for the price of one Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition.

That’s right. $1,300 for a game. It’s not retro, there isn’t one single copy left in existence, and it certainly isn’t for a game that everyone is chomping at the bits to get their hands on. The Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition is perhaps the most lavishly expensive, narcissistic piece of gaming swag to hit the market ever.

Surely for $1,300 you are bound to get something awesome. Perhaps your own personal weekend in a subterranean mansion shooting zombies and making sweet love to Mila Jovovich. Or better yet, maybe you get a loaded weapon along with a vial of both the T-Virus and a single dose of the antidote. No? Aw… well in that case, how does four phone covers and a leather jacket sound?Leon Kennedy $1,300 jacket

No, I’m not kidding. For $1,300 you get a jacket and four phone covers. The last time I checked, this can all be picked up at a local outlet mall for roughly $75.

Granted, the jacket is an exact replica of the one worn by Leon Kennedy, who is undoubtedly the coolest of the Resident Evil characters. It even has functional zippers and pockets with flaps to, you know, hold stuff. To sweeten the pot, you can even choose between small, medium, or large. You’ll also score yourself a set of phone covers with Leon, Chris, Jake, and “SECRET” emblazoned on the covers.

As it stands, you have one two avenues for securing yourself one of these lavishly expensive editions. You could either fly yourself to Japan and pick it up by hand, essentially doubling the cost of the entire endevour, or import it. Either way, this pack is currently only available to Japanese gamers with pre-orders being taken now.

Resident Evil 6 will be available to rich and poor gamers alike on October 2, 2012.

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