More Info On Skyrim DLC Coming “Maybe Next Week”

More Info On Skyrim DLC Coming “Maybe Next Week”

Ready to slay some more dragons? Of course you are…

Here’s an exciting little tease for anyone eagerly anticipating Skyrim downloadable content. Peter Hines of Bethesda has tweeted today that information about the DLC might be revealed soon.

The tweet reads:

I am working on getting a little more info out on Skyrim/DLC. Maybe next week? We’ll see. Also trying to confirm Kinect release date.

The bad news for PC gamers is that the DLC will be an Xbox 360 timed exclusive, and they won’t be able to get their hands on the new content until a month after it’s released on the 360.

There’s isn’t much concrete information on what the DLC will actually consist of, although Skyrim director Todd Howard has said that while there will be fewer DLC packs than Fallout 3, they will be “more substantial”, according to an interview with AusGamers from last year.

You would think that the last thing a game that can swallow up hundreds of hours of your life would need is more content. Still, this is good news for fans who have exhausted the Skyrim universe. What do you want to see from the DLC packs?



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