The Hunger Games Set For Videogame Adaptation

The Hunger Games Set For Videogame Adaptation

The smash hit movie could find itself becoming an actual game.

The Hunger Games, Lionsgate’s movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel of the same name, could soon be adapted into a console videogame. David Haveys, Lionsgate’s vice president of digital marketing, explained to Forbes that making videogames out of the franchise has been on the agenda for a while now.

“Games have always been in the back of everyone’s mind since we picked up the rights to the books”, Hayes said. “Outside of the name that has ‘games’ in the title, it’s no-brainer that you’d make a game based on the book or movie. But we’ve been careful and cautious that when we do embark on a new project, we’re doing it the right way and delivering an experience that fans will enjoy. We’ve had many discussions about all the types of games, including console games.”

A free to play Facebook game and a mobile game adaptation of The Hunger Games have already been released. Hayes said that “The two we released at launch are the best representation of what we’re setting out to do with these games”.

However, there’s the question of how well the film and novel’s dark subject matter will translate to a fully fleshed out console game. Hayes assures that “The focus would be less on the kids killing kids aspect and more about the more powerful story of good versus evil”. Yet in a medium where harm to children in any shape or form is a big no-no, it will be interesting to see how an interactive version of The Hunger Games can skirt around all that kid murdering business without involving the player in it.

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