Halo 4: Multiplayer, Storyline and ‘Infinity’ Details Revealed

Halo 4: Multiplayer, Storyline and ‘Infinity’ Details Revealed

To Infinity and…Spartan Ops?

Outside of a few minor reveals and information slowly trickling out over the past few months we’ve never really been told a whole lot about 343 Industries’ Halo 4.  Yep, Master Chief’s latest adventure – just like his face – has been kept carefully under wraps for the past few months and left many of us wondering whether 343 could indeed step into Bungie’s sizeable shoes and deliver a quality Halo experience like we’re used to.

We don’t know exactly whether that last sentence is true yet, but due to new information being revealed in this months edition of Game Informer magazine we do now know a good deal more about Halo 4 including minor details about storyline setting, multiplayer features and some details about Cortana, Master Chief’s AI chum.

The storyline reveal is perhaps the most interesting. Halo 4 is to take place exactly four years after the events of Halo 3 which (spoiler alert!) saw Master Chief entering stasis on a wrecked star cruiser after heroically saving the day once more.  Master Chief is awoken from his slumber by Cortana, who has decided to wake up the burly Spartan after detecting intruders on board (these intruders are apparently members of the Covenant). We don’t know exactly why the Covenant are there, but we do also know from information in the magazine that Cortana is sporting a new look (she must have got bored in the four years) and that the storyline will explore the backstory of Master Chief more than Halo 3 and the games that came before it did.

The campaign is also said to include four-player co-op.

Halo 4Chief’s Back!

In terms of weaponry, Master Chief is going to wielding some new guns, as well as old favourites. Many are still to be revealed but we now know that Halo 4 will see you wielding the Covenant carbine, plasma pistol, human sniper rifle, assault rifle and battle rifles. We’ll also get to wield the magnum, rocket-launcher, shotgun, and assault carbine. Sounds like a pretty stocked arsenal already, but I’m sure 343 industries will manage to squeeze a few fancy new ones in there for us to play around with as well.

Making Halo 4’s Multiplayer Modern

In the time between Halo 3 and 4, the gaming industry, and more specifically multiplayer, has evolved somewhat. That’s why 343 is carefully constructing a multiplayer experience that feels distinctly modern, but also feels relatively new and fresh.

One of the most important changes to the multiplayer experience comes in the form of loadouts. Those of you who’ve played Halo before online will know that the series has been lacking in this aspect for some time; instead of customizable loadouts, everyone essentially came to the battle with the same weapons and then duked it out from there. This is set to change in Halo 4, as it has been revealed by Game Informer that the loadouts will allow you to have extensive customization of your character.

To give you a general idea, loadouts will have a primary and secondary weapon, specific armour abilities, grenade types and a selection of other things that are yet to be no doubt revealed. Weapons will still spawn around the map but are generated randomly, eliminating the obvious weapon pick-up areas that previous Halo games had.  Finally, the multiplayer also will feature faster, instantaneous respawns in Team Slayer.

It all sounds a bit Call of Duty at first, but there’s no doubt that COD’s multiplayer is so popular because it works. It’ll be interesting to see whether Halo 4 can offer a new perspective on COD’s established formula and deliver the greatest multiplayer we’ve seen to date!

Halo 4Explore Your Humanity by Destroying This Ugly Mother.

Other intriguing features have been revealed inside this month’s Game Informer, including a new mode called ‘Infinity’.  This is essentially the new name for Halo 4’s multiplayer, and it will feature a cross-over between the main storyline and the multiplayer component of the game. How exactly this will work remains a mystery for the moment, but it apparently has direct and indirect tie-ins with the campaign similar to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer this year.

Tying in to Halo 4’s Infinity mode is also Spartan Ops, a new story-centric four player experience that is designed to give you and your crew of mates some Spartan challenges every single week.  That’s right, every week – 343 is promising new content for this mode every seven days, allowing you to complete new cinematic and objective based missions with your chums regularly over the course of the year. It’s all a plan by 343 to get people interested in the multiplayer, although I’m sure there’ll be masses of rabid Xbox 360 owners playing it constantly anyway!

So there you have it. Masses of information about Master Chief’s latest adventure have just been revealed, and I’m really quite excited to see what 343 Industries does with Halo 4.

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